Dear Mail Art Family,

does anyone of you out there know of any projects or literature dealing with the connection of MAIL ART and ART PEDAGOGICS ? Maybe there are pedagogues who read these lines... and maybe someone of you already brought MAIL ART into the class room and to younger people ?

as becoming an art teacher, i would like to write my master thesis about my most beloved field of art: MAIL ART ! therefore i search for academic and proven information about the alliance of MAIL ART and ART PEDAGOGICS and it´s importance !!!

thanks a lot for your help !
best wishes from german countryside,

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My high school art students are making some cool collages and ATCs and are loving the idea of swapping mail art. Would you like to swap with us?

We'd love to do a semester-long swap and collect mail art to curate a mail art show for our New Kent Celebrate the Arts event May 2nd.
Our address to send work to is :
New Kent High School Art Dept
c/o Beth Allums
7365 Egypt Rd
New Kent, VA 23124

We would like to participate too.. 

In the 80-ies I did teach some mail-art in classes here in the Netherlands.

That is already decades ago.

Did some lectures on mai-art at some art academies too, but that is also some years ago.

Hi Mikula,

we are organizing an International Student Mail Art Exhibition in December 2020 in Hong Kong. See if your students would like to join.


Hello there. I am not sure if we are able to help you. But as An English teacher, I decided to bring mail art in my class this year so apart from exchanging art, my high school students can interact with people from all over the world




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