Is it just a thing our studio's blog has had problems with, or does the IUOMA badge tend to drag a bit about the place where it's tucked? 

I tried numerous times to moderate the thing's position, but to no avail. I even tried widening a margin in hopes that would help. One of us posited a theorum, that our blog doesn't work with the type of HTML in use to this point.


Can anybody help us with this mystery?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Rose & Friends

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This website is HTML5 compliant. So even when you use new technoques, the badge would work. You can use several options. You need to add it in a place that has anough space.

Works of most sites that I have seen.....


Hi Ruud:

Thank you for your answer.

After I widened both margins at the blog I speak of, and used the smaller of your badges there, I noticed it fit. That is, until I went back into my Home page and noticed it had wandered till it sat outside the lines. IWhen I happened to glide my cursor near its surface, it jumped. i'd never seen any button do this before. 

The blog I keep with my friends was only just begun last month. There are other buttons there, none of which wander or jump. Could it be it does not like where I blog? 


As to format of this blog, it is a standard 3 column with plenty of room to put anything extra such as a button. Like I said, this had never happened there before.

Curious, no?

Thanks for the further consideration




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