I have not been as active with my mail art practice as I once was, however I am thinking that if bickering is a daily thing here, it will not make for a very friendly or welcoming place to visit. 

I have tried to ignore this constant debate but it is difficult to overlook.  Is there no place this argument can be settled other than here?...  maybe create  a special forum just for the individuals that want to "duke it out".  It seems to me that some people are easily offended and don't know how to work out their problems in a less aggressive manner.  I don't know but this just doesn't seem like this is the way adults should act.  Sometimes you just have to ignore the troublemakers.  It's hard to have an argument if there is only one person participating.

This was such a nice place to visit years ago now I'm not so sure.  I know there are probably a few people who feel the same way I do.  I don't usually get involved in these things but today I just felt I had to say something.  Most days I can look the other way.  Live and let live works, but please people try to understand that this is website was created for us to share and enjoy ourselves.  And yes, problems will arise from time to time but can't we play "nicely" with one another?

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Thank you for posting this, Mercedes. It's like a schoolyard here these days. I need frequent breaks from stumbling across the back-and-forth, and if this continues I'll be taking one really long and likely permanent break. 

Is there a way to exclude oneself from this particular argument at least until it's settled, by "exclude" I mean a way to block this particular thread that is going back and forth?

I'm sure the people involved in this argument are nice individuals, but for the time being is there a way we can avoid this conversation (short of not visiting the website)?  Would creating a poll to see how the general membership feels about this help?

Just don't look at it Mercedes. It will all go away one day.

ok, LOL,  I will take your word for it, but believe me I do try to look the other way.

there is only one way

Thank you! I will keep that in mind. Hope it works.

Absolutely right, xx. It's psychology, anthropology, sociology 101. Don't feed, they don't stay around yowling for more. It's amazing when a person doesn't get that and continues to feed.  

They should take it to pm, it's constant and almost impossible to avoid.

This site is not moderated is it?




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