Recording four and five

(Turkish & Swedish with english subtitles)

12.28 min.

Image: 04.05.2008 15:43, Stockholm Highway, Sweden
Voice:03.05.2008 18:03, Möja Island, Sweden

We are passengers in one of the car on the Stockholm Highway.
We are watching outside nearby a little boy.
Two adults are talking about dark side of the earth.
Through the waves, birds and childrens voice…

Stockholm, 2008

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Location: stockholm


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Comment by Carla Cryptic on March 17, 2009 at 10:55pm
This is a great juxtaposition. Wonderful film. Thanks for sharing it with us.

The horror versus the innocence. The discussion versus the activity. The discussion itself is fascinating. Are you speaking as well as filming?

Ah, yes, it is you speaking also. Really horrible stuff and something I think about also. All of it. But it's a wonderful piece of film in spite of, and because of, that.

BTW, I agree with both of you. The individual horrors, the lengths individuals go to which express specific pysychoses, are noteworthy and horrific. But, also, it's not so different form the systematic distruction of human beings in the ways mentioned - human traffiking for any reason (prostitution, selling people's organs, whatever). But, there is also women being murdered because they don't obey their husbands or fathers, for example, or having to jump into the grave with their husbands when they die. Incest, rape, longterm and institutionalized destruction and/or use of other people is just as bad (and affecting millions not just 2000) but often is not noticed as being as horrific by society as these specific mutilations.



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