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At 4:02pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

Here is a picture of the “Free Matter For The Blind” tactile postal art that Cracker Jack sent. It is so amazing when it is taken out of the bag, you can see a painted wooden fish swimming in a sea foam net like background. He laminated a bunch of things and added foaming glue to make this mini masterpiece. It totally impressed the counter worker with his cleverness!

At 3:55pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

So my Post office isn’t used to getting Mail Art, especially from an Ol’ Timer like the Cracker Jack Kid. They were very confused by the package in the “We sincerely regret the damage to your mail…” bag. They thought that it must have been set in fire or something bad, but couldn’t find any explanation or stickers to figure it out. You Got’um, Chuck.

but in all fairness two post boxes, including the one outside the P.O. Have been set on FIRE by students this school year, resulting in a sign that said “sorry about your letters, they were all destroyed by fire.” So they were happy to know that this is ART and supposed to be that way!

thanks so much for playing FUN games, Cracker Jack Kid!

At 2:04pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

We were so excited to find that inside was a beautiful hand made fiber arts collage fish. That would have enough to make us swoon, but obviously they were not content with the plushie multi textured fishy. They also collected fresh specimens of local plants, rocks, shells, mosses, and all sorts of individually bagged and labeled things from the Maine Seaside. This impressed us so much that we now have it on our palaces to visit, hopefully soon! Thanks Mike’s Bikes, you are so cool!

At 1:56pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

It seems that some people were not contented with the Little envelope idea.

All of us here were excited to see what was inside this Rainbow Sticker box that was from Mikes Bikes in Maine. They got the “we like our Mike and our three seated bike” page from “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish”. We don’t know them at Mike’s Bikes and are not sure if they are even Postal Artists, but still even cooler. 

This is what the Postal Workers got to see.

At 1:47pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

I was SO excited to get a card by Sabela from Espana today! The adorable Art Stamp of a MCM chair with the cutest Black Cat sitting in it is placed on the address side, along with a color coordinated Espana stamp with a pink heart on it!

Inside the envelope was my originals Brailled letter in its return envelope. I must say I was confused, but I am Legally Blind and confusion a constant. But when I took the letter out I realized that little Germ stickers had been placed in the Cat in the Hat picture. This was so funny! It also showed me that even though I hand Brailled the letters, by the time they get to the recipients the Dots will be hard to read. I was so excited to get not only a CAT stamp, but a decorated letter from Sabela Bana. Thanks so much!

At 1:29pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

A wonderfully crafted Tactile Flower garden in a tiny envelope arrived just in time for the First Day of Spring. It was dark, snowing and very wet, so the bright pink card stock and the four sunny flowers brought such joy. The flower heads are made of craft foam circles that have three Pom-poms that are color corresponding. The stems are made with yarn and the flower petals, leaves, and grass are puffy paint. It is perfectly tactile and so FUN. Much Thanks Librarian Bec!

At 1:08pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

A completely different way to interpret the prompt came in the form of a little fold out tactile card made with foam letters, glitter and felt. It says “YOU ME US, on three sections connected with a B/W checkered paper ribbon. It also had two amazing round patches with celestial images embroidered on them. Also a paper heart embedded with seeds and a Barcode peace sign on the outside is the envelope. Thanks Cyan the Buddhist for your efforts!

At 12:58pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

Lucky for us is that our amazing postmaster will still (maybe not supposed to but….) deliver items  to local addresses without sending them to the Regional Sorting center. This has allowed some of the Townie’s envelopes to not be squished and rejected as “potentially hazardous”, as happens if you send anything thicker than a letter, without declaring to the Postal Agent it is safe.

One such “puffy envelope” with a fun and tactile object came from Pat, who sent was a candy orange carrot with a green umbrella handle. So cute and spring like! Thanks Pat!

At 12:43pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

Another creative use of the tiny envelope was the amazing collection of wax seals sent by Jonathan and Krishna. They even made a little card with a list of the descriptions of each seal included. They made me a total of 11 little colored gems.

Sadly the NYC postal machines are ruthless, and took two for themselves, but the others including a wonderful red and gold Welsh Dragon closing the envelope arrived in perfect condition. Thanks to both of you for your enthusiasm for this project!

At 12:32pm on March 26, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

I went to the Post and found lots of wonderful surprises!

At 4:07pm on March 21, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

Another creative use of the tiny return envelope was found in the box. The Post master was impressed that the shiny label from the Copper Seahorse, with its steam punk gears and mechanical seahorse stayed attached and in such good shape! She is starting to wonder about what is inside. But she doesn’t get to know…. that inside was a FUN tactile pop-up Santa at the North Pole wishing you everything on your list…I really love that at mid point of the card is a red ribbon with little white dots. Also, was a very interesting key card of made from soft, but stiff vinyl embossed with the world with mouse ears! M. Mouser approves!

Thanks, Jason for Playing!

At 3:52pm on March 21, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

This little nature beauty has flown into the Post Box as well! The cut down stamp themed Post Card has been decorated on the letter side with a vintage blur marbled paper. On top is a blue and purple marbled origami flapping crane that is carrying a peace wreath made of moss and lichen. It has little tree cones in a kind of garland that attaches the crane to the wreath. The entire piece looks like it was created by a Garden Gnome, and is perfect in its intentions and creativity. Thanks Gnomeo!

At 3:39pm on March 21, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

A big thanks to Mim for her completely original Tactile Braille Inspired sandpaper circle themed post card. It was cut to perfectly fit in to my micro return envelope, and arrived in perfect shape! It has a rectangle of sand paper with two circles cut out. The one is at the bottom left corner and is bigger while being partially off the page and the smaller complete circle is mid way top. Then on the right side of the white card are two sandpaper circles and one that is smooth a black laminated card stock. There are pin pricks that make raised holes across the top 2/3 of the card, that flow down to the bottom right corner. It is so visually modern looking, while being extremely tactically readable too! 

At 2:26pm on March 18, 2024, Motherbrando said…

I'm so pleased it arrived safely.
 The free material with tracking was the  postal clerks Idea.
 So other postmen along the way would not question the veracity of what was inside the envelope.

  I'm glad to exchange materials anytime you wish.

At 2:29pm on March 16, 2024, Mim Golub Scalin said…

Mail on way to you in response to invitation to send tactile. I’m also going to send you a postcard, for me to use, that I received from someone awhile ago, that is very tactile! 

I hadn’t realized you were an IUOMA member. Nice to meet you. 

At 7:23pm on March 15, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

Thanks so much Li for returning my envelope with the cutest lil’ puffy bunny sticker and a sweet note on the one side. The other side is a happy cartoon smiling dancing rabbit in front of a yellow sun in a blue sky is so cheerful and fun! Thanks for the joy filled envelope!

At 7:18pm on March 15, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

Thank you so much Susan for returning my envelope with the such a wonderful little hand made treasure. The way the spiral is embossed and colored in blues and pinks is so engaging and fun! I really love that this little beauty was hiding thinly inside the envelope. It seemed to be like I had found a flat hidden egg inside the tiny #4 envelope.

At 6:49pm on March 15, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

Thank you to Iris so much!  And yes, I too believe everyone loves Pandas! The card is divinely soft textured embossed paper that she painted a Panda eating bamboo. It has a vertical strip of Mandarin letters and ends with a small red square containing a heart that is just inside the tactile boarder made up of roses and butterflies It is easy to feel the delicate difference in the painted, and embossed areas and the red stamps inside.

At 6:34pm on March 15, 2024, M. Mouser DiGerlando said…

Got some fun tactile things in the Box today! I will thank everyone first and then for my Blind/Vi friends I will describe the pictured objects.

Thanks to everyone!First. Thanks so much to Maryam for her paper flower wreath card holder with two Rainbow Rabbit themed pictures. It perfectly fits the envelope and yet so tactile and colorful.

At 12:35pm on March 14, 2024, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Making and sending some tactile yarn collage cards for you,

in the mail soon to you from Greece!

I just was watching a Dr. Seuss program on YouTube for his 120 birthday, your Seuss cards are fantastic!


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