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At 4:29pm on December 16, 2011, De Villo Sloan said…

Hi Diane, I hope your better. All you needed was some D-Kongestants. I have a postage due slip from the Post Office. Thanks in advance for my D-Krist-Mass gift, I'm sure.

At 4:23pm on December 16, 2011, DKeys said…

it's all rubbish! All DKult members are completely so due to free choice. They chose to change their names to those with the initials DK as a result of a group meditation. So many haters in the world. Why are they persecuting Dkult? All we are trying to do is use the power of our collective minds to heal the earth and obtain money and power. Our motto:  Love = Money = Light = Power. Ignore the disinfo!!!

At 12:22am on December 14, 2011, DKeys said…

I will do that even if it is by asemic sign language. I know that my work here is not finished. I will not stop until everyone who ever dreamed of making pies and was told that wasn't ambitious enough, feels validated in doing so. The flavor doesn't matter. The recipe doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what kind of rolling pin you use. It doesn't matter if you make those fancy little fork marks on the edges. -It's about the PRocess of making it -without any attachment to the results. Then you have reached Pievana. 

At 12:07am on December 14, 2011, DKeys said…

Thanks for holding the vigil. I felt the power, but then it quickly turned into a coughing fit. I know with the strength of DKult behind me, I will pull through. You are right that I need to name a successor. I nominate.....Maybe find someone else with the initials DK? since it's already trademarked? I will just keep waiting until I see a new member join with those initials. I will need you to close the deal though. I'm sure I will have a miraculous recovery as long as you are using your new limb with your new DKoder ring. What did you think of thw wax pig? My daughter made that out of the wax coating from cheese.

At 4:07pm on October 31, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Do you like choco?

At 4:06pm on October 31, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Have a Birthday SPLASH, Dark Wall! 


At 3:57pm on October 31, 2011, Amy Irwen said…

Happy Birthday Dark wall... *0*

At 4:29pm on October 27, 2011, DKeys said…
At 4:26pm on October 27, 2011, DKeys said…
Santa must be getting dementia because I received these two letters for you and for Homero-so I am forwarding them and charging Santa for my time
At 4:25pm on October 27, 2011, DKeys said…
At 6:31pm on October 24, 2011, DKeys said…
You're a rascal DW. I changed my picture because people thought this looked like I was going to stick voodoo pins in them:)
At 11:25am on October 20, 2011, cheryl penn said…
Where is Captain Tom? Groot has been waiting at the bus station for DAYS...  her  hitch-hick thumb is exhausted.
At 3:54pm on October 15, 2011, DKeys said…
DKULTNY definately needs to represent. I hope you can do some chanting and flower spreading. The man has been keeping us down for too long and it's really affecting DKULT recruitment. Please take pictures!!!
At 3:29pm on October 11, 2011, DKeys said…
Right up your alley!!!!!! 
Mail art call
The Françoise Giroud Library of Castries ( France ) organizes from January 4th to January 31st 2012 a Mail art exhibition.
We therefore send out a call for contributions on the following subject : Shoes.

Please send your work before November 31rst 2011 to the following address :

Art postal – Chaussure
Médiathèque Françoise Giroud
15 avenue de la Cave coopérative

All works will be displayed during the exhibition at the end of the year, as well as on the Library's website at the following address :,
in the "Action culturelle et pédagogique / Art postal" section.

No jury, no fee, no return. Postal delivery only.
At 1:41pm on October 8, 2011, DKeys said…
that looks nasty, but at least you're eating a little better these day
At 4:24pm on September 29, 2011, DKeys said…
love it:)
At 3:03pm on September 29, 2011, DKeys said…
DK gets ruthlessly shot down by the Poseur Art Fags of Elgin--deem her Garbage Sale an appetite killer for their expensive hors d'oevres
At 2:18am on September 22, 2011, Marie Wintzer said…

Inside Camelot, Part II [ Treaty / Between ]

At 1:41am on September 13, 2011, DKeys said…
I hope you use it wisely and that you are ready for what it will show you--sometimes ignorance IS bliss
At 2:06am on August 14, 2011, Marie Wintzer said…

All the books in the world won't give you the answer to that question


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