It all began with a walk in the woods last fall. That particular trip yielded quite the booty! My loot contained a dark orange POSTED sign I'd found on the forest floor. The sign was destined to be cut into postcard sized pieces of mail art! I loved the dents and holes from repeated hanging on one tree or another. The print was worn away in spots. This piece had character! I worked with that character to create Trash PO Mindfulness, a series of three pieces, whose message was spread out evenly amongst them.


The first piece, issues forth the challenge! "THIS MONTH'S CHALLENGE: Trash PO MINDFULNESS!" A piece of rusty orange colored lace was threaded through a perfectly placed slit in the center.



The second piece, reminds the observer to "STOP And Look Around!" Bits were strategically covered to give rise to the word STOP.


The final piece, gives warning! "IGNORANCE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED VIOLATORS WILL SUFFER LACK OF ENLIGHTENMENT!" Here, I made use of the corner mounting holes and filled in some chicken scratch with black string. 

Each piece was collaged using common packing tape to secure all of the elements. Although there were only three recipients, I felt the message should be seen by everyone! Thanks for stopping by to take it all in!




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Comment by Lynn Radford on June 1, 2012 at 11:32pm

Thanks to all for D-Komments and D-Kompliments!

A sincere thank you, Stephanie!

Arac, we have yet to exchange mail, but I have the feeling that we are already connecting on another D-Kultist plane! :D

DVS, thanks for stopping by to expound on the 9th Consciousness as pertains to Trashpo! I, just today, received my envelope of D-Kultist, MinXus, Fluxus fun, (say that three times fast!) including the All Stars of Trashpo ATC #6 "Dharma Da Da Erni Baer of the 9th Consciousness!" LOVING IT! :D Your term for what I do... LANGMAGE... I like it! :D For the most part, my work is inspired by found bits and is Spirit-led. I liked your poetic description, "... channelling the voice of the world..." It is all very spiritual for me, my walks, my trash, my time to create... When I'm in the ZONE, whether writing or making art, anything is possible! Often, I begin with one idea and before I'm done, everything I thought I knew has changed and the piece has morphed into something completely different from my intended goal. Spirit takes over and ego steps aside. Other times, I feel compelled to create a piece whose parameters do not fit within the scope of my skill and my patience is tested until, at last, I am gifted with the ah-ha! moment to bring it all together. For this reason alone, deadlines can be tough! Being a major procrastinator might be another contributing factor... Thanks for including my T-po shrine pic from Cook Forest in the Trashpo Fanzine! Looking to carve out time to delve more deeply into its pages....

Thanks, Janine! :D

Thanks, Carina! Got your great piece yesterday! Returning a bit to you shortly!

DK, your praise is overwhelming! *blush* :D

Thanks, Susan! To clarify... Your favorite colors are dark orange and black? Or red and black?

KDJ, you are most welcome! Thank you for the observation. There is so much more to come, now that I know there are folks out there who appreciate my works of D-Kultist "Langmage." Look for Trashpo Bubbles coming soon, to a mail box near you!


Comment by Susan McAllister on May 30, 2012 at 10:16pm
Love them! And not just because they are my favorite colors.
Comment by DKULT on May 30, 2012 at 10:09pm

So great to see the complete series you have made something so beautiful and meaningful out of castaways. Fantastic!!

Comment by Carina on May 30, 2012 at 8:52pm

Great work and idea Lynn!

Comment by De Villo Sloan on May 30, 2012 at 4:21am

Hi Lynn, I am very fortunate to have received 1/3 of the piece. A POSTED sign is beautiful material for langmage (? language-image) work:


I thought about this piece a lot after the Trashpo fanzine came out and DharmaDaDa Erni Baer discoursed upon the 9th Consciousness & the spiritual aspects of Trashpo as it relates to Buddhism in particular.


This is a really important thing w/ Trashpo, and I hope we discuss more in the future.


We go out and find these random messages discarded in the streets & the woods. Then we assemble them. And it's a very unusual way of channeling the voice of the world really - know what I mean? What leads us to particular things? Why do we choose to keep some things and leave others? You can say it's random, but there is a spirtuality to it too, if you care to look at it that way. And it is a kind of meditation, at least for me. Poems & art compose themselves.


So your work is much appreciated.

Comment by Arac on May 30, 2012 at 4:10am

Cool series, really like #3 :)



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