YHVH is the One
Moan Lisa
(January 11, 2000)

Blue Eyes speaks to me,
"Go to Kauai."
I ponder his words
So the angel says,
"It is one of the
Islands of Hawaii."

Blue Eyes gives
Inscence to me
I offer it up
To God, my god.
The angel shows
Moon of night to me
I cannot see
With eyes so weak.

Angel bearing gifts
Socks and blanket
Night so cold
Nowhere to sleep
In the town of Arcata, CA
I fold myself up
In a parking lot
Laying my weary body
Down to rest awhile.

Morning I awaken early
Few souls in the square
An angel offers
to buy me coffee
I am thrown out
(I have no shoes)
Before I leave he orders
Two hot-waters
He brings it out to me
Hot water (but magic -
For when I lift the lid
Hot coffee it becomes).

And then Blue Eyes returns
Tells of a religion
Who cut off all their hair
And let it grow out after.
The angel finds a friend
We go smoke pot
Blue Eyes says a prayer,
"Give thanks and praise."

In the square
A box of pears
I do not eat
For lack of knowing
Whose they are.

Blue Eyes finds
A knife for me
I turn it down
I do not accept
The angel's knife.

Half a year after
I go to Kauai
I walk the paths
`Til my feet
Are blistered.

Then YHVH and Charlie
And another see me
Walking the roadside
Asking if I need a lift
I go with Him
with them
And we eat soon after
I eat fruit
YHVH approves
One of His friends
Offers us crab
I hesitate
But accept in politeness
YHVH also eats crab.

We depart again
To the west beach -
Rough riding in
The pickup's back.

We arrive at the beach
YHVH feeds me coconut
Charlie says it's good
I drink the milk
I liked the milk
I was thirsty.

YHVH says and sings,
"All I wanna do is
have some fun
Just remember say
YHVH is the One!"

YHVH gets naked
To go out in the sun
Beautiful weather
February like never before.

We smoke paka lulu
YHVH's friends have brought
I go climb the rocks
Lose my glasses somewhere.

Gradually the day
Passes under the
Shadow of heaven
And we have gone
To the Dairy Queen
Two rootbeer floats
My belly full
I then purchase Top
Tobacco to smoke
YHVH and I
Depart from His friends
in His VW minibus
We arrive where
I can stay the night.

I ask YHVH,
"What do I do?"
YHVH says to me,
"Go back home
And tell everyone
You converted to

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