Special purple packet from Karen today! Many, many thanks!

Sometimes, when a package like this arrives, you almost don't want to hurry to open it. It is better to linger and spend time with the details of the envelope, the soft refineness of the wrapping...let anticipation built a bit, because you just know that itis going to be something special from Karen!

ART NATION is a give-away clue...guarded through the postal systems by those black birds...

but I am getting intrigued by the stamps: Smokey Mountains, yep!

Sunsets...just appeal to me, and my happy haptic garnet sandpaper spirits!

(Though here we have a "blue" color for the day!)

Vintage feelings, and memories of my dear relatives...in Illinois

Great map detail: Normal, Illinois...been thar many a time!

And anyone remember the ticket seller at the cinema and the little machine that

would send out those tiny tickets?...for a nice tiny price of 75 cents! Oh boy!

Thanks-for-the-memories, Karen!

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on January 26, 2011 at 9:21pm

Karen attached a vintage photo to her amazing collage, and it so reminded me of my aunt, in 1946, just married as her beau returned home from military duty.

and keeping with the spirit of up-and-coming Valentine's Day, the same couple in 2006, celebrating their 60th! This year, it will be their 65th and going strong!



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