Music is eating me alive! And I'm loving every minute of it...

Sorry to be so quiet in here of late but I'm having a whirlwind romance with my first love, music. I have been so on fire lately in terms of singing, writing, collaborating, and talking that talk musicians talk to each other, that I haven't had much else on my mind. Sometimes I have trouble eating and sleeping! It's like when I was studying music decades ago and then even more so when I was singing professionally for a while. This time around I'm determined not to let it get to the point where I have to give it up again cause of not being able to do anything else so this is a baby step in that direction. :)

Come here the music I've been making lately at:

Carla's Page at iComp

If you've heard some before, you will find some of that but some new things, also, which are very different.

I am so happy that I can have this again in my life but that doesn't mean mail art isn't part of what floats my boat as well.

Been doing some carved art swaps (trying to keep my hand in there) and I'm about to send a big mail out to all of my musician friends. Most of them don't know this side of me, as most of you don't know the music side. Trying to integrate some of my creative facets into one human being again. :)

Think of you guys often, even when I don't post here or send out mail.



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Comment by Carla Cryptic on July 24, 2009 at 9:44am
Thanks for your comments Wilma and Ti Ar. :) I love the idea of dancing in the moonlight by the river Seine, btw - haven't ever done that but I did belly dance once in Nice. :)



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