Jay Block and Amy Irwen: Together Again

I was strolling past the Museum of Extremely Large Paintings the other day and I decided to spend the $8 to get in. The new exhibit was a joint showing of Jay Block and Amy Irwen's work. Wow! I said to myself. Now there's a coincidence! The docent gave me a stern look as I snapped this picture. I had to slip her a fiver to avoid litigation. She was a decent docent, just doing her job.

Here's a quote from the catalog: "Though Irwen and Block are from different parts of the country they both come from states starting with M and they have the same number of letters in their names. They also have one mouth and one nose each."

These two pieces do, in fact, share a darkish, squirming energy but it's also true they happened to fall together on my scanner about three months ago when my blogs all ran dry. (Wait a minute! That's clearly a Possible country & western song)

Don't let your blogs run dry, Merle

Don't let your blogs run dry

The things that you thought

about stuff that you got

might just congeal and die...

Thank you, Jay and Amy. Sorry for the time lag but you know how it is, living in another time zone and dimension. Time just slips out of your grasp and it never, ever returns.

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Comment by Jay Block on June 29, 2014 at 2:20pm

It is a pleasure to share a wall with Ms. Amy! as well as physiological numerical similarities which is a primary concern in artistic express in this neo-postian age.



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