Guido Vermeulen - Standing Out in A Crowd

One of Guido’s beautiful envelopes arrived on a grey day.  It was relatively intact – I KNOW the tears and smears and missing bits are part of mail art, but MAN! I just HAVE to get used to that.  We’ve got things with teeth here in the mail boxes, that’s the problem… - The title - "Standing Out in A Crowd"

The colors, the composition, the gloss paint reflecting its peculiar light – all these elements add up to the joy of Guido’s mail art.

Inside the envelope was another artwork titled “Already in 1875 visionary children knew tsunamis were coming but nobody listens to kids or visions”. 

This work is  reminiscent of  Max Ernst’s Une Semaine De Bonté  (A Week of Kindness or The Seven Deadly Elements) – the Surrealistic collage novel,  in particular the second book – Monday with its element Water.

“D, - What do you see?

 E , - Water

 D, - What color is this water?

 R, - The Color of Water”

            (Benjamin Péret, endormi)

Guido’s water is the color of Tsunami’s. 

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Comment by cheryl penn on July 20, 2011 at 11:28am
Marie - so glad you're back in action :-) X - The Week of Kindness - unbelievable!
Comment by Marie Wintzer on July 19, 2011 at 11:48pm

How to make wonders with tsunamis. I like this, the poetry...

(oh yes you've got Ether-biting creatures in your SA mailboxes, I'm sure... and we got tanukis, they steal mail all the time).



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