Hello, my name is Aca and I am a visual artist in graduate school.

I’m coordinating a mail art exchange on the theme of bodies (however you relate to that word). 

Send me something by mail and I will send you something in return!  I plan to photograph and show the works I receive, so tell me if you want your exchange to remain private. 

Send stuff to:


307 W Mulberry St,

Bloomington, IL 61701


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Comment by Aca Carle on April 1, 2020 at 7:17pm

Good questions.

I don't have a hard deadline.  My semester ends May 4th, and I'm using the set up I am where the works are presented as a collection for class.  I do a lot of mail art in my personal life, however, so I would hope that some connections would extend beyond this. I also hope to continue making work about bodies into the fall, so, no, there isn't really a deadline.

Right now I only have concrete plans to show work on my instagram (@acacarle) and here.  As galleries are increasingly turning to online shows, I'm also looking into a virtual display space with a gallery, but that's uncertain for now.

Really this is a way for me to continue making connections and sparking dialogue with others while in isolation.  I'm also hoping that this project will help me broaden my perspectives on what it is to be a body as I move forward with my own work.

Thanks for asking!


Comment by Jennifer Wallace on April 1, 2020 at 6:56pm
  1. Have you got a deadline for this?
  2. Where / how do you plan to show the works?



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