BLUE! and the "Art of Chocolate" from the Off Scene Akademie Hamburg!

Yes, on the envelope, Teddy and all clearly are "stamped" by "Off Scene  Akademie Hamburg"!

Reverse side of package, very much approved by the mailgal. Yes, this is a thoughtful,

 "Do Not Kick" (the bucket) composition! Butterflies for Spring!

oops, a bit upside-down, but clearly visible that the "Haptic Werewolf Strikes Again!"

And while the contents are not Herr Erni collages, they are "flexible- fluxible"

Accepted as such, definitely! Inside? ;-)

BLUE>>>>BLUE>>>>BLUE (some white, with the blue, very Greek!) BLUE.......

you've heard of "Heavy Metal"...this is BLUE METAL!. Not exactly "sandPAPER" but for SANDing metal.

The backing is a canvas fabric as the silicone is quite thick textured and heavy. It can be cut...

but not torn, and it will glue for collages with UHU, of course! Thank you Erni for this new treasure!



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Comment by Bifidus Jones on March 20, 2011 at 5:53pm
Years ago I lived in Tokyo. When I showed up on the first day of my job, my boss said I couldn't work for him unless I forgave him. I asked him what he did (I hoped it was something funny). He said he was one of the pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor. I told him he was asking the wrong person; I hadn't even been born yet at the time of the Pearl Harbor bombing, but he insisted, and then went on to tell me how he often wished the American pilots would have successfully shot him down at that time because he had so much guilt. Of course I forgave him even though it wasn't my place, but it took no effort, and we worked side by side together for a nice long time. That is my one and only experience with perfection.
Comment by Bifidus Jones on March 20, 2011 at 3:07pm

A fine explanation of Off Scene, Herr Erni.You make some good points and offer several concepts that may require several lifetimes for us to incorporate--thank you for this. One of your concepts regarding Off Scene is the unexpected wealth of an alternative life. It is an obvious truth, yet am baffled why so many people are afraid of this concept.


I cannot begin to articulate how heavy my heart is over the devastation and loss in Japan. To try and come to grips with the disaster I have been reading again, an old book from my bookshelf:

Are you familiar with the Japanese philosophy, Wabi-Sabi?It too is a state of mind. Off Scene shares concepts with Wabi Sabi such as the notion that all things are impermanent, all things are imperfect, all things are incomplete, and that beauty can be coaxed out of ugliness. A state of mind that cannot be reproduced for the masses. For lack of a better conclusion, I merely want to say that I find Off Scene and Wabi-Sabi comforting.

Comment by Bifidus Jones on March 19, 2011 at 7:28pm
Off scene may very well be the best way to see great art. I like this a lot Herr Erni. Quick question: what techniques did you use to turn the computer keyboard into art?  Using the bucket to hold more art is glamor pure werewolf style--love it.
Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on March 18, 2011 at 8:30pm

And the Art of Chocolate is rich...very rich...mmmmm! thank you Ernie for ALL!



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