An Asemic-overflowing envelope full from John M. Bennett!

You know it is going to be great, when it comes from John! A note...for "FUN"? No, for "FUV" (very fun FUV!)

And a FLUXUS note (money), too! Payment for the FUV, no doubt!

Well, that is not all that was in the envelope...let's go ASEMIC

ala Bennett vispo style! Love these, and ALL the colors:



red...a booklet completely filled with amazing vispo as only J.M.Bennett can "write" it:

many, many, many pages of vispo characters in this red boekie: thinks we are into FLUXUS words here? ZALOP!!!!

Many see, to read, to enjoy:

...."More Snore Scores"!!!!'Love it!!!

And one lone card favorite:

OPA! He's dancing! Many thanks , John. I shall have hours and hours of joyful "reading"!

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on May 23, 2011 at 10:54pm

προσεκτική χάιδεμα for John's TLPs!


very nice sounds of the papers, and textured edge created

... these should go to the Haptic Poetry group, too?

remembering years gone by..thank you, John!

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on May 23, 2011 at 10:49pm

The blue, green and violet "bookies" were "closed edge" on the top, as 4/8 age signatures used to be i old books.

"προσεκτική χάιδεμα"...carefully stroking (or petting) the soul of John's pamphlets is required!

So, Itook my trustworthy letter opener, that looks like a dagger, and did some "προσεκτική χάιδεμα", for what John says the term is "Tacky Little Pamphlets". Not very complimentary in the English language for what my "Iliad" published in 1966 had and after cutting produces what I think they call a "deckle edge" (Cheryl would know):

Here is a 1975 Greek poetry book that was never "petted", so I show the upper edges

Now, to "pet" John's colorful pamphlets (next comment)



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