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I left mail art for Christ, and now Christ has brought me back to mail art.
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Lux of the Agony
720044 Bishkek
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  • Kiki

    I received two ADD and PASS sheets from you  but I must say I am confused as in my profile, I clearly mention that I prefer not to receive ADD and PASS items. You sent me nothing but these two ADD and PASS sheets. Did you do that on purpose to pressure me or something ?? Again, I really do not prefer to receive ADD and PASS because it is not easy for me to find people to pass them along to... Plus, whend ADD and Pass items to people, I also include my mail art in the same envelope to thank them. What you did to me was like, " voila, here are nothing but ADD and PASS items, now you need to pass them along to. "

     Sorry to say this but I do not apprecitate it.

  • Kiki

    I will never blame Mr. Ryosuke Cohen. Honestly, sending only ADD and Pass and nothing else, not even a word, is a manner of very one-sided, I think. Many people would not apprecitate it. Usually, people send out their own creativity, and not only ADD and PASS...

  • Kiki

    What you sent me are only plain black and white photo-copied ADD and PASS sheets for others to participate for you. You did not even include a friendly note to ask me to participate in your ADD and PASS sheets. Nothing but two black and white photo-copied ADD and PASS sheets that you can mass-produce. Now you insists and call them art and your creativity, but I just do not see them that way. To me, it looked like a joke mail sent by a stranger. My good advice to you now is NOT to send such one-sided postal mails to people in general. The recipients have a right to say NO to such mails especially when we are suddenly forced by you to spend our money to pass along these two ADD and PASS sheets to other people via postal mails. If you like ADD and PASS that much, why do not you belong to such clubs or groups and be active only within them ?? That way, you will be more happy.