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I am have always been involved in art and more recently calligraphy. I would like to get involved in mail art as incentive to practice and just to have fun. I have also been a penpal to people around the world in places such as Israel, Iran, Syria, UK, Germany, Japan and elsewhere for much of my life. There's no real replacement for getting handwritten mail.

PLEASE NOTE: I post photos of my calligraphy envelopes so let me know if you don't want your address publish.
My Mail-Adress (snail and/or E-mail)
Mail to my address would be very welcome.
PO Box 911
Nambour 4560
QLD Australia

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  • Bradford

    Welkom en Merry Christmas!

  • Ruud Janssen


    onion skin ink recipe...brilliant! A friend uses that boil method for coloring EASTER eggs.

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Welcome to IUOMA 

    and Happy Holidays to you!

    See you in the mail soon :-)

  • MaoMao

    Oh, hey, a living person at the Australian Embassy! How exciting! I just joined that group...doesn't seem very lively does it? LOL Are you my Aussie Embassy swap buddy by default? Did zombies eat the others?

    Welcome to IUOMA!


  • Richard BAUDET

    Welcome  Artful  Writer  ! 

  • Patricio - The Celestial Scribe

    Earthling, this may be the last but certainly, it´s not the least welcome message to IUOMA you are going to receive. I’m a celestial mail artist living in a heavenly uncharted corner of the faraway universe called “Republik van Patland”. I would love to be the other end if you wish to trade mail art with a celestial mail artist.  If that is the case at the time your envelope should read as follows:

    The Celestial Scribe
    Terrene Embassy
    Republik van Patland
    Caixa Postal 461

    I look forward to seeing a piece of yours in my terrene mailbox. I´ll do my homework after receiving your artwork. This is nothing less than a celestial promise.  I’m Patricio, Celestial Scribe & Republik van Patland Official Envelope Provider.

  • Terry Reid

    Actively think about this and that and about Mail.

    Sometimes do this or that and occasionally do do Mail. 

  • Terry Reid

    Not joking.  Doing.
    Hope you and our northern marsupial friends are well despite the blaring heat.  Or is that just here?
  • Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco

    I invite you to my project YOUR CITY.Nuevo%20Provecto%20ARTE%20CORREO.docx
    I count on your participation


    Maria Consuelo Guacuto

  • Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco

    I invite you to my project YOUR CITY.  Nuevo%20Provecto%20ARTE%20CORREO.docx
    I would like you to participate.


    Maria Guacuto

  • Mark Rossmiller

    If you would like this made into a rubber stamp, let me know and I will help you.

  • Cherub Ayers

    Sending mail art your way today!!!

  • claire humphrys-hunt

  • claire humphrys-hunt

  • claire humphrys-hunt

    I wanted to send you my latest and send you a message but your comment list has been refined!,, 

  • Terry Reid

    Dear Artful Writer, I've been waiting for this opportunity to have something to say.
    Apologies if I’ve sent this invitation twice.  You and your friends are invited to mail in your responses.  Slip an asterisk (*) somewhere into the return address.  Best to you from Terry Re*id

  • Mikel Untzilla

    Thanks The Artful Writer