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Communication & Creativity is what makes life interesting
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Ruud Janssen
P.O. Box 1055
4801 BB Breda

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  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

    Hi Ruud, a friend of mine Maristella De Giuseppe, tries to register, but she can't, can you help her? thank you! a fraternal embrace; b

  • Mail Art Martha

    Hello Ruud, yesterday I uploaded the same graphic to two different groups: Mail Art concerning Ukraine and to Embassy of Ukraine. It worked fine in the first group but it got 'solarized' in the second. Further down you will see my homage to Gorbachev solarized also. I cannot imagine why this happens, do you?

    I will try here again.

    It did it here also! Help, please! just occurred to me that you may see it differently, withthe right colours.

  • ZERO

    Thank you for letting me into the Go-Go! Cha-cha-cha!