Matt Ferranto

Santa Barbara, California

United States

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-physical communication over distance
- involvement of the international postal service as a medium
- change/return
- inhale/exhale
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  • ThomasB

    Your mail post art arrived yesterday and what a thrill! It's quite a work of art and I'm just wondering how to open it and then when I do what will I find this is the enjoyment of post art. Thank you again and I will put you on my active list before exchanges!

  • Juan Petry

    hello matt,

    i wrote a mail to invite you for one social art project. please have a look also at and think about your play-sets as a possible art work....

  • Juan Petry

    hello matt,

    i like your project and i could imagine to make an offer for art lovers to "collect" your objects if they fit into the boxes. a series is about 30, 60,90 or 120 pieces. the project is to promote the artists works and to route the attention to the artist directly. so you could think about an "incomplete artwork" and invite the buyer of the box to contact you for the rest of the work...

    we play with all what is used in the classical markets to connect with customers, but in a gentle and funny way.

    if you like we can make a zoom.