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Since 1995, he has been one of the founding editors of the assembling magazine Leopold Bloom ( )

„I usually set off on my literary rambles from the fictitious universe of Joyce’s Ulysses. On my way, with the fragrance of musty Central European cosiness in my nose, I pick up the partly or completely finished, reusable linguistic and visual objects and fragments I find. In recent times, I have also been stealing special time-stamped messages, their language and communication situations from social media platforms as well as the technology of meme factories. Taking them out of their context, I completely arbitrarily transform them to the means and/or raw materials of my linguistic/visual games.” (Abajkovics)
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  • Juan Petry

    hello peter,

    please have a look at in short time we will add a new section "literature" (beside painting, drawing, mixed media, combinde painting, objects etc...). please consider to join this project. would be an honor for us. if you like more information please write me a mail. best juan

  • Lynn Tan

    Hi Peter! Just wanted to let you know I've received your beautiful mail art, and I'm so excited to exhibit it in December. I'll send you the e-catalogue when it's time, and if you'd like to take part in the art trade, feel free to provide your address! Thank you :)

  • Lynn Tan

    Thank you! I'll keep you posted :)