ost likely I' doing this the wrong way and as you ay tell seeral of the keys on y keyboard don't work

I saw about "Badges" what's ths about? Are they soe type of award? or a deoration you ight like to plae on your page beause you like it beause you're drawn (no pun intended) to it

Please forgive e if I've ade a fauĀ  pas ---if this is not how or where I should post the badge query would someone please be so kind to direct me to the proper place?

all gook wishes + kind regards


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    Sarah Roe

    Deedee, perhaps you refer to the button down the .ning page on the right - likely a relic of the early days of the site, for use on one's own blog hosted somewhere else - at least that's my guess, as it leads to scipts that are no longer functional. Part of the charm.

    I wondered about it in my first few weeks wandering around here too. I only joined this year, so I'm still learning, but I've found that there's a lot of content and questions answered already if I use the search function at the top right of the page... or it more often leads me down a rabbit hole and I learn something I didn't even know I wanted to know.

    Love your keyboard missing letters :) it's like you've got a cat you are working around

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      Sounds like your keyboard has CMXV envy.

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        Toni Hanner

        We don't need no stinking' badges! (only old people will get this one, I imagine!)