Is mail art dying out?

Not much activity here.  Not many people doing add & passes.  Is mail art dying out?  

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    Theo Nelson

    Following Ruud’s comment, I concur.  Mailart is doing quite well.  Add & Passes are a special breed of mailart.  I like them but hopefully the ones I receive are fairly new.  That will usually give me some freedom to add that works with what is there.  From there, I will decide:  “return to sender, address is known” or I will pass them on to someone I know that likes A & Ps. 

    A & Ps that have been in the network for years and are likely copies of copies are more difficult.  I always brand them “Zombie” A & Ps and I will just treat them as starters.  Very often, one cannot even determine who the started the A & P.

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      Carlton Monoxide

      The Mail Art Exhibition in Moscow probably didn't get much participation because a lot of countries can't send mail to Russia at the moment.
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        DeeDee Maguire

        Hi Margaret 

        I have an "add + pass" sitting here ready to stamp + mail! 

        While you posted this a few years ago--I'm happy to send along to you!