I'm new to mail art, but am looking forward to making this a hobby!  I like photography A LOT, in fact, I'm working on a project of a "Picture a Day".  It's an idea I got from a man who took a polaroid a day for 17 years until he lost his battle with cancer.  It's a pretty amazing project, and I thought it would be cool to continue it.  Then, I stumbled across this group and thought, WOW, what a cool way to implement both ideas!  So, feel free to friend me, and I will do the same.  I'm looking forward to getting some beautiful art in the mail too.  Whatever I get, I will somehow feature in my picture a day and of course share here as well.


Thanks all!!  ~Melissa

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Hi Melissa

Why not combine the two - a picture a day that you send in the post to someone. Photography is a perfectly valid manifestation of mailart! Come join us on the blog!

Yay, Melissa! Am I ever happy to see you. I've posted 30 times and yet I feel like a newbie. Am still working out how to comment and participate, but I get so involved looking and reading that before I know it, pfftt! I realize I've been here for the art and forgot to say anything. LOL. Welcome. People here are great. I look forward to gazing at your creations. Crossed fingers that this goes through. :)

as a mentor here on IUOMA & also a 365er who is well behind schedule - i will tell you this...
your mailart career will have it's ups & downs...
do not ever loose faith because your art will inspire somebody...

I have almost quit mailart a few times - but then by some weird stroke of coincidence - i find out that i inspired someone to be creative and sometimes they even become mailartists...

i thought the 365 thing would be cool - but i found it to distort my love of creation....
So here i am - 189 of 365 on day #629...

Still plugging along!

If you would like to friend me - GREAT!!!

just remember - i am a mentor for 6 of the 12 months here & i reply slowly & even return mail slowly...




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