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Can Ben-the-bin come too?

Evidence of ASTHMA in the mail...but we forgot ZALOP?

YAY! The Asemic-Sando-Haptic-Trashpo-Mail-Art gang's all here! And that's a lot of trashpo, Ernie!

And little lamby and Ben have made it Down-Under! Yay!

Hmmmm, Herr Haptic Erni, it will be a long time coming...whatever it is that is coming? First, the Greek post office will have to get of today, until perhaps Wednesday,or  maybe Monday May 2nd?, they will be closed for the BIG FAT GREEK Easter celebrations. Nothing will arrive in my letterbox until then. And even at the time the postal service deems to open, I will first receive a little slip of paper stating to go to the local post office 48 hours after the date on said paper. Where i shall wait patiently, as the "number" machine is broke ;-(

And then perhaps...and this is only speculating, they may find said parcel and give it to me. Now, if it is that Turkish carpet I see, well, 'tis worth the wait and fuss. Oh, anything you might send will be greatly appreciated and given loving care ;-)

Making a big drop with strips of PET bottles!!! May be trashpo?
Shredpo - trashpo wallpaper?

orange scented Baer Air? must be nice!

(I like that neat woven basket!)

ASTHMATIC INCLINE: A is a Ramp to my Heart

Nice recycled, recycled packaging...inspired me, thanks, Erni! (and that great orange sandpaper!)

Bifidus, you really can unwrap and eat the choco! You will not get A.S.T.H.M.A. (unless you are allergic to chocolate? Naw, no one is allergic to choco!)

no allergies here--the chocolate was divine--I love performance art!
oh,,,performance art? Of away! Some of the choco glam will begin to head more often to those places where winter is up our way, all too soon, that choco glam may turn to choco melted mess!

ain't that the truth




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