Looking for Hand-carved Stamp Mini Zine Contributors - You Will Get One Copy of the Zine Back

Hello everyone!

I would like to make collaborative hand-carved stamp mini zines - a one-page mini zine made with an A4 sized single paper, folded into 8 panels.

Each issue of the one-page mini zine will features 6 different stamp carving artists / contributors, including myself.

Would you like to participate in the collaborative one-page hand-carved stamp mini zine(s) ? If yes, please send me the same carved stamp image prints in an envelope, 6 prints of your same carved stamp, 8 centi meter x 6 centi meter each, in size. Any theme welcome!

In return, from me, you will receive a copy of the collaborative carved-stamp mini zine in an envelope when it is finished:-)

Right now, I am looking for 5 collaboraters who can send me the same 6 carved-stamp prints of the size mentioned above.

Anyone interested ? Please comment under my profile or message me if you are already my IUOMA friends :-)

Happy New Year 2024, everyone !!

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And the hand-carved stamp mini zine # 2 will feature these 3 IUOMA members.  Still looking for 3 more participants for the carved-stamp mini zine # 2.

1 - Kiki (Japan)

2 - Dave (USA)

3 - Hester (Netherlands)

Anyone else? :-)

The very first IUOMA Collaborative Hand-Carved Stamp Mini Zine # 1 is now ready ! It will be sent to all 6 participants this week :-)




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