What do you like the most? Postcards or envelopes?

I myself like both. Only with the current rates, the sending of a postcard costs the same as an envelope. So when I send out a postcard, it costs the same as sending out an envelope with included 3 postcards. So I am sending out mostly envelopes the last years.

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I like postcards best. I like the smaller, sturdier shape, especially for when I do whatever it is I decide to do for showcasing them. I like the idea of making postcards into books.  Speaking of that, how do some of you keep mail art "envelopes" for viewing? I like to keep art out where I can pick it up and look at it occasionally and don't like 3-ring binders stuck away on a shelf. 

After reading the other responses, I understand why envelopes might be more fun to receive because of the surprise inside. I too like sending and/or finding something in an envelope. When I said I liked postcards best, I was thinking only of preserving and showing the art on the card/envelope. I'm very interested in that aspect of the mail. :-)

same here. I like to send both, envelope with card (or few) inside. maximum result for one price:)

In Japan postcard is cheaper than envelope. Still 70 yen. regular envelope cost ¥110 but off course if I put more weight it costs more. 

postcard is good if I want to do mass mailing like new year art card.

Envelope I can put more stuff so it is fun treasure box.

Also I just started making handmade envelope with ad paper, so it is fun process making envelope. 

A place that is far away or developing countries, postcard might get lost of the information might get stolen so I consider sending postcard. 

But either way, it is a fun part of mail art to see if it get there or not, or if sending is really exist, so I try both ways... 


Hi everyone! I love envelopes! In my country we're having problems with the customs, not only to receive but also to send. They're retaining some correspondence without a specific rule, when you're sending it may never arrive to its destiny or take a long long time. When you're receiving  you may have to pay $40 to get it, althoug it's a gift... You never know what will happen, so you take a risk and wait for a surprise! Sending anything below 20 grs. (very, very light) cost arround $46, more than that its duplicates the cost!!!

So you will see fewer argentine mail artists taking part in the swaps...  or sending a fewer things. I love mail art so I'm trying not to give up... I have a project for envelopes, you can take a look at ths blog and tell me if you want to send!


From New Zealand Postcards cost $2.20, Envelopes cost $2.70, so the envelope is the better value vehicle. Postcards are OK, but envelopes often contain many surprises.

I totes like both for similar reasonings! :)

Every country has its rules... here, in Argentina, envelopes or postacards must be weighted and if it's more than 20 grs. you must pay a great difference! So I can only send very light mailart...but I prefer envelopes, with a little surprise in it!

May I ask what sort of surprises do you put in your envelopes ? 

I, too, choose envelopes nowadays, since the privatisation of our post office. A postcard now costs the same as an envelope ($3.00). Also discovered, just last week (and here's me professing to being a mail artist since the 90's, DOH!) that the same 3 dollar overseas stamp allows me to send anything up to A4 size, 50 gms., and 5mm thick.

So now everyone overseas will be receiving fat, overstuffed envelopes...heck, probably even painted canvases...in the mail from me, because I's gonna MILK that $3.00 stamp for all it's worth

Hi  MaoMao

I started to think IUOMA was no longer active as I have never had a reply before and when ever I have looked at information the answers have been years old  !    It is nice to see the are still people here  !   :)  

Hi, annette! I rejoined recently after many years away, don't really know which parts are dead, which ones still going, but i poke around and leave my two cents here and there...i didn't really answer you (well, you weren't asking me) but i prefer envelopes and slip in a few postcards (printed, but my own designs) and sometimes a scribbled poem or a recipe, just because i try to milk my 3 dollar stamp, which allows me 50 grams in a large A4 envelope...




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