Here's your chance to join in on a two (2) ATC swap and be eligible to be crowned "Rebel for a Day"!!!

This is going to be fun, and you may receive your swap from an artist/member that you may not of had a chance to swap with +PLUS+ a chance to win a complete ATC deck that includes one (1) ATC from each artist/member that participates.

Here are the rules:

A host will accept all ATC's (since this was my idea, I will be the host) ...see, easy!

Each participant will submit two (2) like ATC's - color, items etc.; as close to and as similar as possible - don't stress, I will show you my two (2) and you will say "oh, OK, I get it" ;-)

Please put your name and any other information you want on the backs of your ATC's.

Submit them to the Host (me) and they will be posted/documented individually under this discussion forum. Once we have everyones, all members will be asked to "vote" on the pair that appeals to them.
The artist/participant who receives the most "votes" over a period of seven (7) days will be deemed "Rebel for a Day!" AND received the complete ATC deck; the number of ATC's will depend on the participants. 

After that FUN! the swap will begin (that is why we are requesting (2) ATC's from each participator).

The remaining ATC's will randomly be selected and sent out, in trade, to the remaining artists.

The hosts ATC's are not eligible to participate in the voting for the ATC deck, but the hosts ATC will be a part of the complete ATC deck. The Host will participate in the swap.

I think a full month would be enough time to submit for this swap; allowing a little time, say, two (2) weeks for participants to respond. That would put us into the end of September. Let's just say that September 30, 2013 will be the deadline for the ATC's to be in the "Hosts" hands. (Not postmarked by but received.)

If you would like to participate in this swap, please leave your name in the comment section on the discussion forum...Look forward to having a GREAT turn out....

Amy Irwen, MN ATC REBEL, 3831 Cardinal St. W., Rosemount, MN 55068 USA

Here are the list of participants and submissions status: 08.26.13

Judy Staroscik                                   Received

Melissa Hayes                                   Received 

Angie Cope                                       Received

Dinna Gonzalez

Carina Granlund                                Received     

Claudia McGill                                   Received

Steph Dodson                                   Received

Josh Ronsen                                      Received

Fleur Helsingor                                 Received 

Visual Mom                                       Received

Ronni Saunders                                 Recieved

Corrine Stubson                                Received

An. U.                                               Received

Carl Baker                                         Received

Claudia Garcia                                  Received

Amy Irwen                                         Received

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How is our Rebel for a Day Swap coming along?  Let's get our entries in!!!  I can't wait to see everyone's ATC's.

Just an update...Josh had sent me his, however, when the envelope arrived they were gone...I just assumed the PO thought they were EXCELLENT and didn't want us to have them! So, he is working on another his words "better"....

Dinna and Glaudia are your ATC's progressing?

Happy Mail Art Day to All *!*

Amy: I sent you on August 28. I hope you receive them soon.

ATC is nice for me!!!1 I love to make ATC cards


Claudia G...I just received them this afternoon! Very, very nice *!*

I am very happy Amy, you received them. So, we continue with this project!!!!!!!! love

Angie, this is so cute..Josh's should be in the mail by now and I have not heard from Dinna at all and have sent requests for if I don't hear by the time I get Josh's we will start the voting.

Hope everyone agrees!

Mine went into the mail yesterday...

CloseAmy Irwen left a comment for Dinna Gonzalez
"Hi Dinna...just letting you know you are the last one I am waiting for regarding your " Rebel for a Day" ATC's ...are you still participating or should we start the voting without your entries? Please let me know."
33 seconds ago

Yay! I'm not the last one!

Josh, received your ATC's today...very nice !

Does that show the photo of one of the lost ones? makes it hard to share a link to a photo. You can go to my photos on my page and see the image if this doesn't work.



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