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Hows this?? Cant believe we have not had this group before with so much asemics on IUOMA :-)

Meaning to some? No meaning to many...the beauty of form and shape, movement and line, amazing flow..



Great! Do you have any idea how many people ask about this? Now they have a place to see, and hopefully many perspectives.

or just markings?

stamps? handwritten? color?


Chollas dance when you aren't around...

The asemic force is what it is and emerges on it's on.  For me at least.  If I try to force it, I am never completely satisfied with the results.  This piece speaks for me.   

I really like that Sue. When I was doing the Wikipedia posting I realized how many artists have asemics in their work - the action painters especially and Twombly. My Life as a Collage called that one perfectly. Personally, I like color and backgrounds with asemic pieces too. Thanks for posting.


This is a page taken from a sketch book, I was working in during a storm.  The page on the otherside is filled with text.  A list of sorts.

I particularly love this drawing.

Agradezco a todos los participantes de éste grupo y en especial a su creador. Gracias amigo!!!

Los conceptos, las imágenes y todo los aportes que vienen realizando son especialmente valiosos para mi. 


Comparto con todos ustedes éstas fotografías que he tomado hoy.

Corresponden a un trabajo que he realizado en 1995.

Como ven, desde aquellos tiempos ya hacía "asemic writing" pero no se me había ocurrido definirlo de esa forma

Estampaba infinidad de letras que muchas veces llegaban a construir palabras pero enseguida quedaban sumergidas en esa masa que se iba volviendo cada vez más densa....

así iba modelando formas.... 



1 x 0,65 mts.

letras estampadas sobre placas de acrílico (reciclado) superpuestas y atornilladas











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