This is TWO sheets of A4 paper folded in half then nested.  Please use a thicker quality paper for your work - computer paper is too thin and tears easily in the binding process. Again, at the end of the project I will blog binding instructions. You will need to make 15 copies of your work to post to the other artists participating in the book you are in.  A list of names addresses will be put in separate discussions. You will be notified of this.

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Me, too, I'm older and confused, like Rob. Same question.

This looks like an A4 sheet folded once.  Is that what you want?  It would have 4 pages.  2 sheets would have 8 pages.  please advise...  too many postings and "discussions" for me to follow what's going on here!



I'm getting a lot of good questions from people about page sizes etc. What Cheryl posted was preliminary. We'll get back to you on number of pages and exact sizes - after you've done a few of these, it's really pretty easy. Rest assured we'll provide assistance to those who have specific questions. Cheryl has to deal with any part of this that involves numbers. I can talk endlessly about the theory and practice of asemics, but when it comes to A-4s and folding and things like that, I am a moron. I guess I am anyway, but you know what I mean.
Poor Cheryl, bombarded with questions today no doubt. I'm confuzzled as well. What is the work space unclear on why two sheets. do we use the inner two pages-both sides? Are we sending all orginals to everyone? Inquiring minds want to know!!
We're going to have to call in the Sand Police for crowd control. Everyone wants to know: Where is Cheryl? She is carrying a briefcase handcuffed to her wrist with highly sensitive asemic documents. I hope it's not the monkeys again...


A4 paper is standard size computer paper - 30cm x 21cm. This is folded in half -which yes, gives you 8 sides.  How you choose to fill those sides - up to you.  Each of your sections form a new chapter in the book. Should you wish to cover the WHOLE area, PART of the area - up to you.  The work is YOURS.  Is this any clearer? :-) ?? 

Sorry - 8 sides because there are two sheets of paper. Not 1 sheet folded twice?

Hello Cheryl and De Villo,

I am not clear either,,, what size is A4? I'm not sure I can get A4 paper. I do not understand what I will be sending and how much for I see bits and pieces of info in different places which adds to my confusion so I will wait to get a compiled email of instructions. I think you are still figuring this out and when you have a clear book concept please let me know - right now it reads like an assembling. Thanks, Ginny

I am sorry there appears to be confusion regarding the size of the paper. A4 is standard size computer/photocopy paper here. A4 is 30cm x 21 cm. You will need two sheets.  These are folded in half.  This gives you in effect 8 pages to fill, size A5. How you fill them is up to you. The point of the collaboration is to assemble a collection of asemic writing by various artists. You will have to make 15 copies. These copies will be posted to each of the people in your group. You have been allocated asemics 15 # 1 or Asemics 15 # 2.  This means there will be 15 copies of each book. Please advise if this is not clear.

Cheryl, we simply don't do metric for postal and print purposes here in the US.

Hence, the confusion.

Are we allowed the freedom of using standard US sized (as for copy/print papers)? To those of us raring to go, it is a serious stumbling block.

Maybe I'm being fussy, but this is my first chance at working within the parameters you set.



Sorry. Ours measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches even. And no metric conversion that we know of.

Would that fit your criteria?

Yes A4 paper is virtually impossible to find here in the USA unless shipped in from another country or large bulky paper hand cut to a metric format. That being said I think this has been resolved by now and we can use our 8.5 X 11 INCHES paper.




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