So I've made a few trips to arts and crafts stores the past few weeks and took a look at those edge scissors. As you may have also found, most of them are way too large. (I mean their edges are too large/wide to look good as a genuine stamp edge.)

But I was at Walmart today and was in the scrapbooking aisle and saw the perfect sized edge scissors. It's by Fiskars "Teresa Collins Edition" and includes two scissors: mini pinking and mini scallop

The edge patterns are much smaller than the standard edge scissors would make and I've tested both. They cut paper to look like real stamps. Very happy with my purchase!

Cost me about $3.50

This is useful for those looking to cut out stamps using scissors if you'd like to try something besides faux perforations (printed dotted lines) or using one of those dressmakers' rotary things. Or you don't have hundreds or dollars and/or space for an actual perforating machine.

You can buy online:

$6.18 on Amazon (

Various prices on eBay (

If you want to pay less, I'd suggest heading to Walmart if you've got one where you are.

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Will have to look at these.  Took a look at’s price here in Canada: $41.34 + shipping.  Oops! Won’t be going there. :)
Will swing by WallyWorld and see if they are any better.

Hope you find it for a reasonable price.

$41 is craaaazy! 

Hi, Terri.

These paper edgers create a scalloped edge that does not really look like a stamp edge, i.e., a series of semi-circular holes.

Fiskars makes (or used to make) a paper edger that looks exactly like a postage stamp edge, albeit larger than real stamp edges. I got mine on ebay, but I can't find any on auction right now. Instead, I found these Dovecraft brand edgers that are similar:

As you will notice from the design on the scissors, it looks much like the edge of a postage stamp. Using the standard philatelic term, a typical stamp has 10-12 perforations per 2cm (a little less than an inch) -- we call that perf 10 or 12. These scissors create an edge of perf 6, which means bigger holes, but still looks like a stamp.

Hope this helps.


I've cut stamps out of these and they're close enough. I don't mind that they aren't exactly the same shape as an actual stamp edge. I was more concerned with the size... which this was the smallest I could find. I think they look fine. They're just artistamps, for fun.

This example stamp is 1.75" tall. Photo taken on a keyboard for scale. (Kinda dark and blurry but I think you get the idea.)

Looks nice!

Thank you. :)

That looks good. I think I have the same model of Fiskar paper edger which they actually call 'Stamp' on the plastic covering the blade. The other I have they call 'Mini-Pinking' and I think that that's even better because of the small scale  of actual edging cut......Of course it depends on how large your stamp is- some of mine are quite large commemorative stamps.

Update: I just searched and found: many reviews saying the scissors were dull or did not cut well; that one may purchase them directly from Fiskars for $5.99 plus $9.95 shipping.

So... I'm still looking for a lower price and have used CamelCamelCamel at amazon to ask for notification of the pair at $5. Perhaps I should ask for notification of a much higher price so they'd catch almost anything I'd consider

Ebay did not have them just now.

I occasionally find these at thrift stores for 50¢ or $1, but I have two 19th C perforators so usually pass.  I'll gather them up next time for folks posting here.

 I like to use two tool: a wallpaper cutter or a pattern maker for sewing. Both create a nice perforated edge. 

I also use a bone folder to help separate the stamps.

Have fun corresponding! 




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