Mine was...hunger.

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Funny you should ask.  Did a little light reading of my Fowler's Modern English Usage and paused over 'drouth'. I keep saying it. And it was this that stayed too: 'while I sit here with a pestering Drouth for words,' S.Heaney

i've never heard of Drouth....so do share....what does it mean?

i will shower a drouth through and through. beautiful word. i suppose. from my limited knowledge...perhaps if you are game we should make an art piece centered on that word. 

spot  (so far)

in regards...i write:::::  CLOTHESLINE

Cat Stevens ...love that song.

It's a variant of dought and means dryness of climate, and thirst. My book says it's common in Scotland, England and America.  I can imagine it in Scotland but have certainly never heard it in America or England.  So, I thought it was sort of a pair with your word, hunger, and Heaney's comment  - Irish poet -  love the idea of a thirst for words and a drought of words all in one word.  And it really was my word of the day. But maybe you were asking how we felt instead.  I am painfully literal!

no...you were correct with literal.  i meant word. not feelings.  :-)    it is interesting.  I have likewise always found it amazingly interesting that in the English language the word "DESSERT" -as in yummy apple pie......and "DESERT" as in the Gobi....are only one letter apart! 

Yes! I like the idea of drouth art. Each or as an add?

I vote we give it a go....what do you think?


Today's word for me is....  Structure       hmmm...sounds fitting for a Monday huh? How bout yours? Sorry I haven't been posting on this thread for so long...have been quite aways but have finally returned to Internet land! 




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