.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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That's so funny! Viz Rude Kids and a nice bottle of wine. Sums it up!

965! It's almost Kiss Prize Time!!!!

Viz, there's no special time for a Kiss 4 Val..;anytime you like...and you'll get a Prize everytime.

Hi Val! OK, I'm still under the weather but if your kiss can make me well, I'll accept it now, otherwise I'm going back to the Chivas Regal, HEY, who's almost finished it???

Try a double kisss: XX

Next time, if I remember, I'll tell you my Chivas regal Incredibly Boring story.

Get well soon.


(975 & rocking)


hmm..I've got white knuckles in anticipation for your Incredibly Boring Chivas Regal story, Val.

976 and rolling...on the floor...

An Incredibly Boring Short Story That Involves  A Bottle of Chivas Regal

                                 by Val


In the mid-70s I was commissioned to write a book by a Geneva-based IGO. The idea was that the book would be about 250 pages long, and take me a year to write.

It ended up at over 1000 pages, and took over 3 years to write, as the IGO kept changing it's mind on what exactly it wanted, and I had to go on weekly basis between the Uk and Switzerland to try and sort things out.

The thing went on and on, and I was thoroughly sick of it (although the money I earned from it did make difficult financial times somewhat easier).
I vowed that when I finallly, finally finished the book, I would treat myself to a bottle of Chivas Regal, and get blind, smashed, drunk.

I finally, finally finished the book at 09.15 one Tuesday morning, and duly went out to buy a bottle of Chivas.

I bought it home, placed it on the kitchen table, looked at it, and thought 'Not even I can drink this so early in the morning.'

So I postponed drinking it till later that evening.

And even then I din't manage to get blind, smashed, drunk.


                                             The End

Gee, that really was an incredibly boring short story Val, I thought you'd indulge me with a surprising finale. Hmm, I think my short story from last night is slightly more interesting.

 Last night I had such a sore throat that I made my sister go and buy me a bottle of Chivas Regal. We had wee drams of it all evening until we felt blissfully happy and it was time to go to sleep. This morning I feel much better thankyou and there's still a bit left in the bottle.

The End.


Hey Viz... Should we stop when we get to 1000 Views, which might be the time that you go off Around The World to Riga? Or can you keep computing when you are swimming across all those oceans?

But we wouldn't really stop.

Instead, it could be re-named  as ' Arac'n'Ikolas' -- or 'Narac'n'Nikolas' -- and they could keep it going.

Wotcha think?


14 to go (or perhaps 13 after this) and then we get to 1000 views.

If quite a few different people have viewed this page, why haven't they "Favourited it" (with a u)
It's only found 3 Favourite-ers (with a u) so far, Viz, Val and who??

Vul (with a u)

Good old Bear, remember on page 1 he said that he was in love and we didn't know with whom?! Then we became the freak family and then he jot a job and abandoned us. Now I'll be abandoning you for 3 months. Maybe that's why noone else has faved? Nobody wants to leave the VizznVal family.

Alright, Viz-Voz, my incredibly boring short story (I did warn you) put you off, but how about my Arac'n'Ikolas suggestion? Come on, reply before the magic 1000 is reached (and our toes will drop off).

Poor Bear: he should have stayed in the woods with Eeyore and Tiger and the rest of them.





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