.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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Wotcha Viz!I just got your Envelope #5, and you have proposed to me and you want to marry me in Tobago? WOW! My answer is, yes, of course. Thanks for all the stuff. I'll take the Rapido gambling card to the bar in a couple of hours time, invest a Euro or two on the numbers you've chosen, add 4 numbers of my own, and hope that we win a fortune...and then we can have a great honeymoon.

Do you want me to send you something back in the next few days to Waitinpingythingy, or have you got postal addresses where (and when) things can be forwarded to you on your Round The World Tour? (Or I could send it to Riga. Or you could come to Sigean and collect it, and then the  money I would save on a stamp could be invested in vin pour nous).

Have you seen that this discussion has already had 901 Views? Methinks that's amazing.

Again, Mercy Buckets and Buckets of Mercy too. See ya on our Wedding Day.


Dear Vizma,

 I'm not all sure how I can best break this to you, or how it will affect our forthcoming Tobacco Marriage.

I cannot mince-and-potatoes my words: I have gambled away our inheritance. But it all started so well. I invested €2 in the on-line gambling game at the pub, and we won the amazing sum of €2. I reinvested it, and we again won €2. I reinvested it, and this time we only won €1. I added another Euro to it, and gambled our €2 again. But we lost. All of our money. For ever.

So I haven't any money for the wedding, your tiara, the bridesmaids' dresses, the kangaroos' frock coats or the multitiered wedding cake that you had our heart so  set on...let alone the honeymoon -- but I'm too upset to discuss that..

Will you ever forgive me? Can you ever forgive me?


PS could you lend me a couple of dollars until I get paid at the end of the month?

PPS 909!

Dear Viewers of Vizz'n'Val,

This Discussion has had 909 Views, which seems amazing to me. I think that my cat, Bianca, is responsible for 900 of these Views, but perhaps -- just -- other people have been  involved.

If you might, by chance, be one of them, you may be interested to know that the 1000th Viewer will be the lucky recipient of a Mail Art Kiss from either Arac or Niklas (you get to choose).

Vizz'n'Val would have offered you a kiss (you would have gotten to choose) but as Vizz seems to have proposed to Val, who seems to have accepted (as he always does) this proposal, they are likely to be on honeymoon when the Magic 1000 Figure is reached.


Oh NO, you've blown our wedding budget????? No pretty taffeta dress (for you,) or salmon terrine entrees with champagne mousse, no wedding cake resembling the Eiffel Tower?? I'm starting to rethink this marriage...

 Hang on, didn't I send you an unproposal saying I don't??

How generous of you to offer a kiss from Arac or Nik to the 1000th guest at Vizz n Val!!! That's so nice of you, although I bet you'll be waiting on tenterhooks to be the 1000th yourself!!! You seem to have a little romance thing happening here when my back is turned. Arac and I may get jealous of you and Nik, but that's life I suppose.

Happy Mother's Day to you Val, and keep sending Mail art, my Sizz will collect it and file it in a box for me...or maybe I'll hire a shipping container, ddepends how much you send!!

Dear Sparkly Brown BBQ Utensils, Be careful! Someone is trying to steal your identity -- is that photo reall you vat vas? -- and pass themself off as you. I suspect that it's some bloke called Terry Swan. If I write such pseud nonsense as 'The result is a sardonic (why?) reflection of our deeply (how deep?) embedded (in what?) aesthetic (but of course!) assumptions (of what?) and a playful (well if this play you should see Vizma at work) exploration (no, it's not an exploration, but a product) of possible (make up your mind, Terry -- it's either there or not, possible or impossible) parallel realities (ye gods and little fishes!)' -- well, will you change your mind and reconsider your non proposal? I'll even forego my next (now that'll make you jealous) kiss with Arac.

[Mr San's review is one of the pseudist, most non-sensical & pretentious things I've read for a long while. It makes my pseud, non-sensican and pretentious ramblings seem quite modest.]

Thanks for your Mother's Day wishes. Do I get a potted plant as well? Are you going to take me out for lunch? I don't know when it's Mum's Day in France, but it's not today: it is Holland though My Dutch diary tells me that it's Fathers Day in Belgium on 10 June and Father's Day in Holland on 17 June. I wonder why it's not on the same day? Perhaps because Belgo-Dutch Dad's can celebtrrate with their 2 families in different countries on different Sundays.

Do your Oz mice really drink champagne at weddings?


Questions questions! My sinusy head can't handle it today, Val. Still in PJs this arvo, not feeling too well, so I'll just answer one question. I can't even decide which one. You choose.

And please try to win some money back so I can put it in my glory box.

You're in PJ's what? His mansion? His Aston Martin? His 50 meter yacht?

Well that's another 3 questions.

Sorry to hear that you ain't feeling too good -- you really must ease off on all that champagne that you're mainlining on these days.

Hope you feel better soon.

Is your 'glory box' Ozzy slang for CENSORED!

Get well soon, Val

I KNEW that would happen! No wonder people aren't leaving comments, Val! They're too disgusted to respond!! Leave your filthy mind over in your filthy hat discussion! Or is that under your hat discussion?

 Thankyou for wishing me well...I've cut back on champers and am medicating with tequila and lime juice and also nectarine brandy with a dash of vodka. I should be right in a few more hours.

There have been 915 Views, but only 177 Replies.

So on 738 occasions, you guys'n'gals have viewed but not commented.

If you don't comment in future the Vizz'nVal Gang will come and get you.

You have been warned!

10 more views with no comments...Get 'em Kram!!!

There are now Two New Rules for people looking at this Discussion:

i) anyone who looks at must leave a comment, or else*

ii) no-one is allowed to just record the number of Views without leaving a comment (as in i), or else*.

Vizz'n'Val trust you will abide by these New Rules.


 *'or else'...Snooky will bite your ankles






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