.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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I'm very sorry to hear about your Mum, I know you were a good son. Much love xoxoxoxo

I know what you mean with sorting out estates...I've been doing my dad's estate for a year already, on a country property in the Flinders Ranges. And he was a hoarder, hoarder!! Inside and outside the house is full of crazy stuff...you'd probably love it. Only problem is that he had dynamite from his opal mining days, so we have to be super careful digging around in boxes and in cupboards. No idea where it could be, and it's the size of cigars. Sheesh. My family sounds weird, doesn't it?!!

Thanks Arac...honour thy father and thy moàther, etc. We can only try...

Yes Viz, you do have a weird family, but that explains why you are weird, I suppose -- in the nicest possible way, of course.

When you find the opals, could yu send me one, please? I don't smoke, so cigars and cigar-looking things will not be appreciated...light fuse and run like XXXX

Now I have to get back into the swing of things again, so....

More later, folks.

I've had my hair done again. Fancy working your sheep-shearing magic on me Vizma?

Yes indeed, I could spin a beautiful yarn from that! And it looks so natural!!?

Grand to have you back Val, I heard that Dean's coming to visit you next week? I can only imagine the fun you boys will be having! Don't double book us, we have to see a punk band sometime too. Oh I guess Dean can come too, then I'll have two dates !! Wow!

Well, he might NOT be coming to see me now -- perhaps because of my new appearance. I saw a  punk band in York, England, last week, the Jim Jones Revue -- a mix of Iggy Pop the MC5 and the Ramones. A double date -- thee, me, Dean & Vanessa, but wondering who ends up with who(m?), I've decided that I don't want Dean.

Of course the hair is natural; it's just a pity that i forgot to wipe the liquorice off my lips before the photo shoot.


Bonjour Viz! When are you going on your Around the World in 80 Days trip? How many days will you be away for? Who will be looking after the sheep? Do you want me to look after the duck-billed platypus and your Siz? How will we manage without you?


I fly out on the 26th. Around the world in 94 days actually...some days will be wasted watching the O Limp Dicks in a sports bar in Riga with my brother. I'm sure you'll manage without me, although you'll have to make this NoViz n Val n Varrah til I get back. Who knows, a trip to Sigean in Aug still could be on the cards if I get sick of drinking with my brother, he's quite good at it and I may get sick.

Yes, please look after Sizza Sister for me, everything else will be ok.

(Sorry for the delay: I just discoverd this)

How are you going to manage for 94 days with just a little red bag?

Things to avoid in Europe this summer -- the Limpicks, the Queen's Diamond jubille, and the euro Football Championships.

Things to watch out for this summer -- le tour de France, my everincreasing hat collecion, and my art exhibitions.

If you do manage to get here in August, you can visit your envelopes in the 'Sumer in Sigean' exhibition that will be on til the end of the month;

just let me know what time you want piucking up at the station.

Bestest Val

Ohhhhhh, i do want to meet up with Vizma in Sigean, too! Could you wait until October 31, Viz? There is no way I could consider traveling in August: HOT! Well, I do hope that there will be a mail artists meeting in Sigean! All the best ! xxx

One day there WILL be a Mail Artists' meeting in Sigean.

i will arrange for that weird bloke with the Postman's hat to officiate.

And bananas will be served from le Hook Thing.


I won't need piucking up, I don't get motion sickness.

Kat, I'm afraid I can't extend my stay, how hot does it get in G? I like hot! Maybe I'll visit you at the shack by the sea? You've been showing such nice piccies everywhere and it looks very tempting! And I do love calamari!




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