.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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So I've been checking into a parade route,  I think I found the route that has more bars per block than any other place in the whole city so of cours I went ahead and booked it.  We will have to be pretty liquored up to listen to your 23 hr speech...we may have to discuss further.  It doesn't look like it's in a very good neighborhood but Viz has got her Angel moves and wrestles sheep so I'm sure it will be fine.  I've ran your plans past La Diva herself and I think we're going to need to make a few calls.  She says no Hugh bunny's but instead she'll have 100 real bunnies and not just the regular old rabbitss...only the floppy eared angoras will do.  she says yes yes yes to all mailartists of the U S of A but no no no to the Harlem Globetrotters.  She has made it know that there shouldn't be any tall people at the parade.  She doesn't want to have any trouble seeing, actually I think she's scared I'll have to sit on her shoulders again. Oh yeah, one more thing instead of the GTrotters please see if we can book the Harlem Church Choir...says we can keep the bagpipes and the drums and if time allows perhaps an oompa loompa band to pull up the rear.  Sorry about this long to-do list, ever since Vizzzzzz went on her world tour she's become extremely high maintenance...I even got a pre-meeting call from her "people" informing me now that she's on a world tour she only likes green m and m's.  They wanted to make sure I remove all other colors so as no to offend, can u believe it??????

Bonjour arac!

You're doing a great job with the parade route. Just one other thing -- please ask the White House Security Gang to check out the route to make sure that there aren't likely to be any surprises on The Day. After all, we wouldn't want Our Worshipful Lazdy Vizma to be confronted by a Performance Artist -- well, not unless Vizma could perform too.

As requested, I've cut down the length of my speech. it will now only last 12 1/2 seconds -- just long enough for me to announce the 22 hour 59 minute and 47 1/2 film that all attendees will be obliged to watch before the banquet begins.

Talking of which, have you given any thought to the food that y'all will be eating on The Day? Ozzies are fussy about eating things that don't kill you -- which is why they prefer crocodiles, giant lizards, snakes etc to things like hot dogs, cold dogs and Snookys. I have asked the Head of the Department of Wild and Nasty Oz Wildlife at the Washingon DC Oz Embassy and the Maitre de Chef at the NY Zoo to get in touch with you. (Did I mix the two up somewhere?)

I'm not sure about an oompa lumpa band (I think you mihjy mean oompa oompa, or oompa lumpia -- a lumpia being a Dutch/Indonesian dish) 'pulling up' (as you so delicately put it) Vizma's rear. This does raise a series of potentially embarassing issues, not the least being Vizma's rear what? I suppose the pews in the Harlem Church will be large enough to accomodate it/them.

Finally -- for now -- what will we all be wearing? Will I have to hire a Tuxedo from Tuxas, or can I come as I am?* Assuming I'm invited, of course.

Good luck with the organisation!


* IUOMA will not allow me to send you a photo of me as 'I am' now on the grounds of public and mail art decency. Use your imagination, or rather don't use your imagination

bonjour arac!

I think that you should enrol ienahpets in this.

I didn't realise that you were neigbours.

How come you're going all the way from Huntsville, AL, to NY to see la Viz? That's an awful long way, isn't it?

I ass ume Viz is send ing you a plane ticket. She was going to send me one, but it seems that she has forgotten to put it in the post.

'Appy 'Untin' in 'Untsville,


I will try to enroll hpets, we have fun together...so lucky she lives in Huntsville, not alot of cool people do.  It's a town full of republican engineers and the creative young-at-heart types are few and far between. 

NYC~Velly and I are pretty sure we must be related another by another mother or perhaps a sister by another mister?!? Not sure, either way we're meeting up for DNA testing AND if I am related she plans to share all her sheep and art suplies...keeping my fingers crossed ;)

Actually I have family in NYC which I would like to visit but not hang with for long periods.  I also have a good friend in New Jersey who was pregnant 3 times and has 10 kids...no joke.  She has 2 sets of twins and then landed sextuplets.  She's been trying to get me to visit for quite some time, I haven't even met the last 6 and they're already in kindergarten EEK! Yet again, I want to visit but don't wanna hang a long time.  Sooooooo, I though I could do my meet-n-greet kisses-n-hugs and then occupy the rest of my time playing and checking out the city with our galpal Secret Angel Velly.


You might get pregnant. You might get pregnant. You might get pregnant; You might get pregnant. You might get pregnant. You might get pregnant.

I bet there are more Mail Artists in Huntsville than there are in Sigean; We could start a cultural exchange, perhaps? Just send me a ticket (first class air, of course) and I'll come over there for a few years.

I thought that le Viz and I might have common East European ancestors, but then she started telling me about sheep and koala bears, so I didn't follow it up.

We all expect photos, postcards, etc from the two of you in NY. le Viz vaz going to make some Arty Slides on one of her flights, but I never received any from her.

Liberté, Egalité et Art Postal!


hey arac! I've just read he card that you sent with the latest Arty Slides,and would like to suggest that you and Vizma should hold an Arty Shop Workshop when you're in the Grand Pomme. It would, perhaps, keep one or both of you out of trouble, and Mama Bruns wouldn't have too worry too much about what her daughter and the hamma-from-alamaba are up to. Just a thought...Lkram

Vizma is alive and well!!!

This is what she just sent me...

" Hola mi amigo!!
How are you Val? I´ve just spent 2 lovely weeks in Mehico and even managed to make 4 slides for you, but Mexican mail either takes 3 months or doesñ´t arrive at all, so I didñt want to risk it! Will send from Miami airport if I have time between flights, otherwise from Trinidad. I´ll be there tomorrow, and then on the 19th I´ll be heading to Tobago in a boat, so I hope you´ll be there and have a nice cocktail waiting for me at the hotel when I arrive.
Adios Billy, and remember don' be a hero.
Love, Viz"
I'll try and swim to Tobago for the 19th, but might not make it if the currents are against me;
If anyone reading this lives closer, perhaps you could get there too?
the Cocktail of the day on the 19th is a rim-based concoction served in a pineapple.
And she still loves me! Swoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

You loose some: you win some. Liene Bruns has just joined IUOMA. She says she joined at the suggestion of her aunt, who I supposed is our Very Special Vizma Bruns. So Liena is Vizma's niece......or not? 'Not' because I have this feeling that Vizma hasn't really gone away on her Around the World in a Quantas Jet in 80 Days Trip, but is in fact hiding out in South Oz making some more Mail Art that she will surprise us with when she gets back from her Around Her Garden Shed and Back to The Studio Trip.

More importabtly -- at least for today -- it's Liene's Birthday.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNIOR BRUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi A&S,

The only way that you'd find Vizma in Milwaukee is if she responded to the special Australian (well Aboriginal)-Latvian call that you would have to sing out to her. She tried to teach it to me, but I don't think that I got it quite right. When I called out to her the only responses I got were from a stray dog, a paper cup blowing down the street, & a weird look from one of my weird neighbours.


August 6...waiting to pick up Vizma at the Thessaloniki airport at 5 pm.

She was in Riga, then flew to the Greek Island of Rhodes 

and will be flying Rhodes to Thess today! YAY!

Will keep you all informed :-)

Wowee...we are going to hear from Vizma again, folks!

LOOK AT ZOMBIE KITTY KAWAII!! (or something like that)

And you'll see Vizma in a swimming costume as she sets out to swim to Sigean. (ETA ?)

Katerina & the Zombie kitty are there too.




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