UPDATED!! This just in!!!! New mail art project for Easter!!

Dear artists! A new mail art project launched in these days. A friend of mine started it and I am really interested in it, so I thought I share it with you!

You can find every detail of the person who made the art call and click about the mail art project underneath!

The page is i9n English (orange text) and in Hungarian (black text).

Have as much fun as I have with it!!!!

And click here for the details! Or see the text in English below, in the Updated comments!


The exhibition will be held in Pécs, Postal palace. Look how fancy it is:

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can send up to April 19?

It says till april the 1st. But I'll copy the whole text for You and for others who interested, ok?

.oOo. UPDATE .oOo.

This is not really an update, but I copy for you the English text from the link above, so that you won't have to search it there:

Mail art project

Topic: ’egg’ as a shape, form, pattern, silhouette

I expect any mails, postcards, etc. where the egg is represented on the paper’s surface.

Project time: 19 January 2012 – 01 April 2012

- Each and every art-piece has to sent via post.
- No techical limitations: you can use pen and pencil, B/W or colour, graphics, motage, collage, photo, etc. You can even create it in 3D.
- Each and every submitted and received art-piece will be exhibited in the Post Palace’s exhibition area in Pécs, Hungary during Easter time this year.
- All art-pieces will be scanned and uploaded in this webpage.
- The entire collection will be donated to the Budapest Stamp Museum where you can find the most stamps in the world. Since they just established their mail art section therefore these mails and postcards will be kept for the after-world and can be seen any time during opening hours.

Postal address:

Éva Mosonyi
19 Hegyalja Street

You are welcome!

I sent this...The Incredible Edible Egg :)




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