Hey there mail-art friends, et al.

I just heard that this summer I will be helping co-curate a mail-art show at Wake Forest University in the wonderful city (my city) of Winston-Salem in my wonderful state of North Carolina. Although I’m not asking for submissions, just yet, I am asking for any pointers or ideas etc. about how to make the show as good as I possibly can.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Please be honest and direct.

Thank you all for pulling me along in this whole mail-art thing. I’ve been mailing things out to people for over two years and it’s been a great experience. Now it’s time to spread the world to my community about all that goes on with us mail-art people.





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I have some ideas, Jon -- I'll mail them!

Probably not. Al of the contacts I made that have spaces and said they were interested, ended up falling by the wayside. I'd like to do something small, but I'm not sure exacly what I could do?

I haven't thought about the library. I may have to save it for a later date.

Hi Jon. Sorry to hear. Sometimes the local café is a good place to ask to have an exhibit. If you are a regular and the owner gets to know you, they might let you do something.

Strange this is, I have quite a few connections with places doing such things, but getting those people to commit or just say no, is almost impossible. A close friend even runs a gallery and nothing. Oh well, I'll get something going soon enough.

I can see the problems to be had. There was a point in my life where I promoted artists and tried to get them gallery space. At times it was easier to say I was the artist and harder to sell someone else's work or idea. But I am sure you will get something going. Fingers crossed.

Oh this looks great. I always want to send to send to more shows, but I'm not good at making things with a theme. I sit down and try and I never come up with something that fits like I'd want. I need to practice more on this.

I hope something comes together too. How about this connection, not only is it IUOMA's 25 this year, but it's also the 100 anniversary of my town, Winston Salem, becoming a town. How perfect would it be to have these two themes fit together?

Bonjour Jon!

I mainly exhibit in local libraries and galleries.

I also, exhibit, occasionally, in bars and cafes. There I provide a stack of envelopes/post cards and get people to put some art on them. It works, and I sometimes get interesting and funny contributions.

Now, you must know a bar...or two..or three...





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