Hi I took photos in a photo booth to print passport sized photos, but I wasn’t used to taking pictures with the automated machine plus I am a claustrophobic, so I printed in a wrong sizes. I think I can’t use them as a passport photo anymore but with a second thought, I may be able to send in a mail art. 
(I will take another passport photo at a photography shop and ask professional to take me photos.)

My question is does anyone took photos at a photo booth for mail art?

And does anyone send ID photo or passport sized photo as a mail art? 

Actually I used to get a hand bonded book about different pictures that took with a photo booth from Picasso, so I thought that taking a photo in a photo booth is some kind of the art movement. 

Any opinions or suggestions on the photo booth photos as mail art would be appreciated. Thank you. 

Tomoe N 

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It sounds like something I would be interested in doing. I am currently sending out postcards I made from Instax photos I scanned but that's a little different, of course. Next time I come across a photo booth I will keep this in mind.

Thank you for your input Scott. 

This article features a very extensive history of the photo booth and it's use by artists.


Thank you Nick. I will read it.

Absolutely use the photos. The small ones in a sequence are great, especially used together!

good idea but a little warning: alter the photos before you pass them on. even if this all feels like art-family or friends. ID photos do not belong into the hands of "strangers". your art may be reposted and in the worst case someone could "steal your identity". also non-iuoma-members can see what we post here in the groups and mainpages.  

Thank you Rebekah. It’s a great advice, I will keep that in mind. I sent all the photos though…. I think I included in mails to the trustworthy persons’. 



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