Does anyone have any experience with using a fixative on a watercolor ? I'm competing my first watercolor piece and want to protect it.

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Hi Kosmo,

I am using fixative for watercolor on canvas -  not to close and not too much. It works perfect.  On my envelopes I am using hairspray - same thing: not too close and not too much:-))



Think I get "not too much"  but what's "not too close"  in inches if possible ? Also any particular brand ? I'm assuming it's in a spray can - is the smell like spray mount or spray paint ?

between 11 to 15 inches  - I am using the spray from SCHMINCKE Aquarell-Fixariv - if you get it in your country. I do not know

Many thanks Anita.

Not sure if Krylon is available where you are, but that's what I use on my watercolor postcards. I like the low odor, clear matte finish. Just a quick spray and it pretty much makes it durable enough to handle a drop or two of water. :O)  Hopefully your art won't be dropped into any puddles. 

Krylon should still be here in NYC, I remember back in 1980 when I was first introduced to the serious contingent in the Graffitti  scene - Krylon was the only brand of spray paint many would use and then it had to be stolen not paid for.  Back to the fixative  at what distance do you spray ?

Of course! Stolen, because if you actually purchased it, well... that just wasn't cool. ;o)

I just do a quick sweep and about 8-10 inches away.  Just enough to give it a very light coat. 

Done and dusted Karalie, I assumed it worked - it certainly didn't mess anything up and the smell wasn't as bad as I feared. I sprayed right by the open window and then got the cross ventilation going. Thanks.




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