I’m currently in my final year of art school in London, and as a part of my degree show I’ve created a postcard exchange, and I am wondering whether anyone would like to play?

It exists as a pass along project, with the underlying theme of 'informal networking'. With social networking/online platforms asking us to constantly provide information to be stored in online databases forever, I thought it would be nice to subvert this request and provide 'fantasy' information in a completely informal and transient context.

Basically, it is a big game of Exquisite Corpses (a.k.a. picture consequences), where different people draw different body parts which then make a larger composite body.

If you want to play, I’ll send you a pack of 4 postcards, and you draw one and pass the rest on, creating a mini-network. My address is on the back of all the cards, so you just send the one you drew back to me. Then, I’ll upload your postcard to my website, and it becomes a part of the mega-network. You can check out some of the ones people have already sent here http://www.exquisite-corpse.co.uk (sorry if the website’s a bit temperamental, I'm still ironing out the creases)

Anyway thanks for reading and let me know! Any feedback is also greatly appreciated


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Hi Phoebe, count me in too!


Yes please, why not?

sounds like fun.

Lucky Pierre

PO Box 12657

Charleston SC 29422

I love this!  Count me in!

Diana Hale

PO Box 232

Crozet, VA 22932


Sounds like fun, I'd love to pay along.
Phillip Lerche
877 South 3rd St
Columbus OH 43206

Hi Phoebe

Interesting. Count me in too.

Birthe Petersen

Scharlingsvej 1,

DK-5500 Middelfart

Yes sounds interesting. I'm an old fan of exquisite corpses.
Snail address on my page.

Ti Ar Raden

BP 40117

FR-93622 Aulnay sous Bois cedex


Thank you!

Please count me in Phoebe. The idea is great.


3635 S. New Haven Ave.

Tulsa, OK, 74135


Sign me up. 1518 Dwight Way. Apt. 5, Berkeley, CA 94703 , USA
Hello! I would like to join in!
Alison Noble
550 Lagunitas Rd. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105



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