Chinese, Japanese and Indian artists and mail artists

My project Cafes around the world needs help! I don't know how to contact Chinese, Japanese and Indian mail artists to take part in my project. If you have any contacts I would be very grateful.

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Please, tell me about tour project.
Mónica Vallejo
Dear Monica. My project is called Cafes Around the World.

It is online at

This global project invites people around the world to send me an image: photo, collage, drawing, etc on their favourite or local cafe where they often go to pass the time/ dream/ read / work....

I want to create a link with cafes all the way around the world including Argentina!!

Gandha Key

Not Chinese, not Japanese, not Indian, but Breton "Chez Yveline" sent in August 2009 (I can't see it on the Cafes around the World blog. Has it been received). Chose to take a photo looking like the typical "country postcard sold in small villages' bars".

I have just posted your postcard in Room 4 of the Cafes Around the World art project.

Many thanks for sharing your favourite cafe with us!
Gandha Key
London, UK
Thanks for the site update. Beautiful and original gallery!,
En la era de la globalización, de lo digital a pleno, te invito a enviarme en una página real (bidimensional) lo que quieras decir, contar, mostrar de tu vida (textos, imágenes, fotos, grabados, fotocopias, etc).
La convocatoria tendrá una duración de 1 año. Al cabo de ese tiempo realizaré un libro real con las páginas recibidas, que transportaré a donde sea necesario mostrarlo; y un libro virtual que cada uno podrá imprimir si así lo desea.
Tamaño de la página A4 bidimensional (puede estar intervenida de ambos lados)
Los datos del autor deben estar visibles y deben incluir una dirección de correo electrónico.
Enviar por correo postal a:
25 DE MAYO 569 9º A
Have you had success reaching Asian artists yet? I don't see any replies to your request here but I'm thinking those who participate here would be good people to ask. Don't forget the rest of Asia, of course! ;)

will send something presently!

i would like to join in, i'm in Shanghai China




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