UGH! This week the price of postage has risen by almost a dollar to send International post. Until now we've had a $1.70 price for postcards and 'card only' post. That no longer exists. Any mail being sent from AUS internationally will now cost $2.60.


If anyone has any unfranked Aussie stamps that they'd like to send me, it would be most appreciated. (For my stamp collection, of course. )


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Replies to This Discussion is $1.10 for a postcard or the first oz of an envelope....but I heard rates are going up early 2014. I hate those stupid FOREVER stamps too....but....if you buy them up in bulk and hold on to them, when the postage goes up you can save some money....of course, who holds on to stamps that long? Not me.....

the FOREVER stamps are a hedge against inflation. No matter what the rate, the stamp is good. . . forever.

I know that but who saves them? I use them.....

that's just it, in the world of ledgers and sleigh of hand if you forget about those stamps in the drawer then the post office makes additional money- you've effectively paid for service never rendered.

Very true, Lucky Pierre. And I actually do have loads of vintage stamps saved up. I was just at the Stamp Museum in Budapest a week ago and the woman there told us many countries purposely issue colorful and beautiful stamps in the hope people will collect them and not use them....

Yes! Many of the tiniest and poorest countries have the most beautiful stamps - or create stamps featuring celebrities to appeal to a larger audience than philatelists. What did you enjoy most about Budapest? I have a good friend I hope to visit there one day.

I think I loved just about everything about Budapest -- and the Stamp Museum was wonderful. The Postal Museum was terrific too...the food, walking around the streets, checking out the post offices, the cafes, the buildings....I liked it all. Went to Russian and Prague too...but back in San Francisco now.

And yes, the tiniest and poorest countries have the most beautiful stamps, exactly what Monika at the Stamp Museum told me....

Pamela, here are some classic examples of countries issuing stamps just to make money. Examples include lots of countries that had absolutely nothing to do with Lady Diane issuing stamps on her wedding and, especially, her death: Middle Eastern countries that issue stamps for the Winter olympics (in which they don't compete: could it be because they don't have any snow?: countries issuing commemorative stamps for events -- like WW11 -- which took place when the coubtries didn't even exist (in their present form), etc. These are Very Silly Stamps indeed! (see next message)

C.A.R.E. package from Greece on the way to Oz, Viz.

Steam these off and re-use them? Her Majesty is a biggie :-)


Ooh fantastic, Kat!! And you'll be getting them all back with bonus Mail Art included!! ;-))

And thanks for the tip, Lucky Pierre! ebay is the way!!

This appeared in the UK 'Daily Telegraph' of 12/ix/2013:

"Australia's postal service has released a world-first 'video stamp' which allows people to send a 15-second video with their parcels. The new service allows senders to scan a coded stamp on their mail bag and record a message on their smartphone via an app, and then stick the stamp to their parcel. Recipients can view the message by scanning the message on their smartphone or tablet or by entering a code on the Australian Post website.

Australia Post said it had created 3 million of the stamps, which are free and could be continued beyond Christmas. The stamps are available for viewing for 90 days after the package is received."

Now this opens up the possibility of Vizma sending us video Mail Art for 90 0z cents or more, I'm sureit's worth it.




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