My answer to that is that art is in the psyque. What we see or hear is its outside manifestation, according to the medium  chosen. I love and practise all kinds of artistic techniques and enjoy every one immensely.

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What can I say, our Royal Mail is being sold, it is time we push for eMailart, be it scanned images or computer graphics.

I just want to send more art & it is cost prohibitive

Well that is a very good reason to embrace the Electronic Era of Mail Art, besides soon we will not have any options. i heard that already the bulk of the post consists of packets, so they may stop delivering letters because they do not represent much income for the postal services. I only send work that is light enough to pay the minimum postage and even so I spend quite a lot in stamps.

Anything created is art...
Take one moment to:
Close your eyes for 1 minute...
Think "art"
Then open your eyes and look at three things around you.
Realize that, it was once a drawing someone created...

Then apply the common name...
Mail + art
Email + art
Car design + art
Graphic + art
Medical + art
Martial + art

Sometimes humans forget that doing something no matter what it is, it is an art...

Brilliant! Even to work at being a better person is art. All those New Year resolutions are art.

06.01.14  Dare Mail Art M., Moan L. & Pretty Poison,....This kind of Apococoalipstick thinking is so negative & anti-statusionary quo....I'm sick &  tired of certain smart alecky people always blaming  the innocent hardly working artist for everything...."Think Positive"! (as in a blood, sweat & tears test). Sinsearly, Richard Canard

I have no clue what you are trying to expound upon here so i cannot accurately retort...

06.01.14 or is it 15 Dare Mister  Poison Label Productions, ... Naturally your response would be a logical & considerate one...  My commentary comes from a place of self-appointed sarcastic folly...(obviously not a  very successful stance...Sometimes  I  like to fancy myself as a  representative of the non-imaginative, tradition bound & the common place (status quo) in some sort of ironic & hopeful attempt to  underscore  & support the position that  I appear to be opposing---all done in this case  to affirm the very clear thinking & thoughtful ideas expressed by you,  Ms. Martha & Mona L. .... I should have simply said "Bravo"!!!!! Best to you. Richard C.

You should never say "I should have" conformed...
That would certainly violate our free form lifestyle...

I shall view your comments with these new glasses provided...

An interesting alternate form of active resistance that I can appreciate very much...

Thank you for your reply...

Oh Richard, glad you clarified your position, I too was mystified but assumed it was probable exactly what you are saying now. However,being of a cautious nature, I decided to sleep on it. I was rather tired having been fighting electrons all day. The pesky little things did  not do as told, the computer went into a huff and would not talk to the tablet and I was up the wall. I have sorted it all now, but those who tell me that computer art is not art because it is all done in a jiffy just pressing buttons should have seen my blood, sweat and tears of yesterday. Do you believe one of those seaside bad, bad artists once asked me if the computer also signed  the pictures?

By the by, I greatly admire the amazing twist you can inflict on the English language.




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