Issue three of my mail art rubber stamp assembling zine went out in the mail today. 

Submissions are open for issue 4:

Guidelines are as follows:

Postcard size work: 4x6 inches (10.16x15.24 centimeters)
Rubber stamp/eraser/found stamp work only. A small amount of drawing or coloring in is ok but not excessively so. No collage please(there are plenty of other zines for that kind of work). 13 multiples or individual pieces signed and numbered. Only original hand stamped work please(no photocopies). There is no theme.

Deadline: Ongoing(issues will be sent out as enough work arrives to be collated).

Check my profile for current address. thanks.

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Comment by William M on October 8, 2020 at 10:34am

I figured it was a long shot about K. Mary Smith. I asked Picasso and he didn't know her either. Glad this could spur some good memories though.

Comment by Ann Golden on October 6, 2020 at 10:50pm

Yes they were billed as open studios. They lived in a beautiful arts and craft bungalow with wood floors that necessitated removing shoes.Did not know K. Mary Smith . Was more involved n doing installationsAnd handmade books  and my rubber stamped productions were primarily for friends and family and colleagues.As it was they sometimes felt a bit like an assembly line.I moved into ATC exchanges when spending too much time in hospitals due to sick family members, since it was a highly portable form.A good portion of my rubber stamp collection came either from Leavenworth or Bill,,although ai did frequent some rubber stamp conventions back in the day.

Comment by William M on October 6, 2020 at 7:47pm

Thanks Ann! I was happy that Leavenworth sent work when I asked her if she'd like to participate. Were her house sales when she'd have her open studios? I remember reading about those back in the day and wishing I could attend, but never happened. I did meet her at a few rubber stamp conventions though. I'm pretty sure I met Picasso a few times, but didn't know him like I know him now. Did you ever know K. Mary Smith who lived on Lombard street? She was one of my most regular mail art contacts back in the early 90s.

Comment by Ann Golden on October 6, 2020 at 6:50pm

Love seeing this . Miss hanging out with Picasso Gaglione and visiting Leavenworth Jackson’s house sales. 



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