Part II: Do-it-yourself Haptic Poetry/Art ...from Germany this time

Herr Haptic Erni just sent me ChocoMailArt that arrived yesterday, and whalaa, todays comes yet another surprise package and this time it has a great A4 collage, but that is not all.

Although the collage is amazingly "handsome" and I must get a list

from Erni as to the identities of the celebrities that we are viewing. As

a rocks!

But wait there is more...these thangs:

With instruction to "Hapt" on the outside of the envelope ;-)

So, thus, the bits and piece will NOT be pasted down, as my words on the chinese flypaper.

No, here I shall create FLUXUS Haptic Poetry/Art...continually. Thank you Erni!

(I also like the QR Code +plus other notes)

So, see you soon, when:

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on February 2, 2011 at 8:45am
Kalimera! with this flu bug, what I need this morning, herr Erni, is a nice cup of tea...see you at the IUOMA CAFE, and then Trader Vic's is a nice idea! Have a happy Haptic day, my friend!
Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on February 1, 2011 at 11:02pm

"Walking through the streets of soho in the rain...going to get a big dish of beef chow mein"...makes me hungry!

Time for a midnight snack here. thanks for the song, Erni!

Comment by Jen Staggs on February 1, 2011 at 8:47pm
Oooh Angie is Team Jacob!  Who knew?



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