Over a week away...lots o mailart I say!

Psychodelic envelope...great lead in to the Hippie Dippy trashpo collage(rolling papers included) sent in by Not Hi Ng.  Many thanks No Thing, this is very cool! I knew when I saw his old van that Nothing, No Thing or Not Hi Ng was a keeper! :)

Much goodness from Marie Wintzer, starting with the Japanese envelope ending with the back cover I love it all! Thanks eiraM reztniW!  This is my first but am looking forward to future exchanges, this will have me looking over and over :)




From my friend Test Tower, Fluxus Beach, the land of extra freedom...sounds so wonderfully free in the 4th dimension, Alabama could take some lessons from Heebee Jeebeeland :)

I've been admiring the drawings of Niklas Heed for quite some time but had a hard time trying to decide what he might like. I finally sent a silly death card and he was super sweet about it. Then this came, The Anxiety of Niklas...who knew??? Makes me realize everyone has doubts...who knows maybe I'll send somethng to Nadine next(love her people too!) Thanks Niklas, it's nice to know you too!

Then an eye-catching digital art envelope from Jacque Lynn Davis.personalized Hippie Dippy print for my son Jake inside.  I didn't even see his name until I scanned it and looked at it on the computer...so cool! I haven't seen any of her work before but if I ever see it again I'll know it's her right away, a style all her own :)  oh and I love the artistamp she's done.  Thanks for sending this to Jake, he loves it!


I saved the little box for last, I don't know Thom Courcelle and couldn't imagine what it could be. I open to find a wonderful knitted pouch containing bits and parts, instructions and scrabble tiles. 

Wow, I can't tell you how impressed I am with the knitted bag and feel honored to have been chosen to recieve the DK Magic Oracle.  I was playing along asking various questions when a stray teen came through my dining room and asked if he could try it.  He kept his question quiet, he rolled the tiles, his eyebrows furroughed , he said Pfft and he wandered off.  I had to stop him and ask, what was that? He said don't ask me, YOUR Oracle is wishy washy. Guess he didn't get the memo to call Diane Keys for the answer on DK, he took it as Don't Know and was a little put out he got no real answer. ;P Thanks Thom and everyone else who sent to me lately. Besides Test Tower this was my first mail from all the others.  What a wonderful thing to come home to after an unexpected week away. 


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Comment by Thom Courcelle on June 24, 2012 at 7:56pm

Wow--you win the prize for the most COLORFUL mail art received in a week!!  That is quite a hoard! Holy cow, there's some great art in that there blog!  Marie's story-telling correspondence with all its layered, addedum-ized clippings--super duper. I am as yet unfamiliar with Jacque Lynn's stuff, but will search for more of her samples based on that amazing piece!

Glad to know that the Oracle is getting some use out of it!! I never thought to think that "D-K" might mean "Don't Know" (!!!)

Comment by Suus in Mokum on June 23, 2012 at 8:56am
All those different styles of mail artist... Wonderful! Thank you for blogging.
Comment by Marie Wintzer on June 23, 2012 at 2:49am

Thanks for blogging all this, Arac Nosirrah :)) A lot of goodies you have here.

Comment by Lindsay Stewart on June 22, 2012 at 6:53pm

Looks like you've been getting some great stuff! Loving that Magic Oracle explanation...!



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