FLUXUS Seasonal Mail Art...Because My Seasons Are in Flux...

Solstice and News Years wishes received from friends near and far... clockwise from upper right:

"New Years Rooster 2017" by Angie Cope (USA)

"New Years Wishes" arrived in an amazing FABRIC ENVELOPE from Ouis (France)...bonus for the safety pin making it through the mail and a great safety pin artistamp.

"Have an Artful New Year" painted and stamped Solstice postcard from "ST" (USA)

and "Words of Wisdom for the New Year" from Tony Mazzo (France) (Il ne faut pas chercher à rajouter des années à sa vie, mais plutôt essayer de rajouter de la vie à ses années.... "One must not try to add years to one's life, but rather one must try to add life to one's years.")

Jack at Cascadia Artpost also send New Years greetings with a large montage of the work and artistamps of artist friends from the Eternal Network and beyond.

SWOON!...Valentines Greetings received from Katerina Nikoltsu (Greece) at top, and Vikki Johnson (USA) at bottom.

At top, Nadia Aroca ( Spain) seems to telling me to WAKE UP! IT'S SPRING ALREADY! with her painted bugle horn postcard. Traditionally the symbol of the mail post in Europe because the postman would blow a bugle to announce his arrival with letters. 

And if there was any doubt about the season, Jack has sent his annual annuals wildflower seedlings packet so that my back yard will look bright and colorful until about the next fall equinox. (Hopefully I will have replied with some artful mail of my own by then!)

Thanks to each and all for these lovely mailbox beautification pieces.

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on March 21, 2017 at 11:07pm

Thanks for blogging...nice batch of mail art you have!



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