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Boomerang mail

Several weeks ago, mail I attempted to send to Richard Baudet was delivered to me, because apparently the post office confused the return address for the destination (though they were clearly labeled "to:" and "from:").  I re-addressed the mail, this time making the destination address more prominent.  A couple of weeks later, it arrived again in my mailbox.  I put it aside for awhile, but think I will put a new address label on it and try to send it again in the next day or so.  I almost…


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I sent myself some mail art.

I meant to send it to you, maybe, but it came back undeliverable, and the address label had fallen off.  I can't remember to whom I had addressed it, but from the postage it looks like I was trying to send it overseas.  So if you didn't get something from me, probably you should have.

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I'm sorry and thank you!

Hi everyone.  I'm sorry that I don't get around to posting the lovely art that I've received.  It's not from lack of appreciation, but rather because all my free moments are spent making art to send back out.  I'd promise that I'll get better, but I'd be lying.

Now with the thank you.  Thank you everybody for filling my postbox with lovely art!  Mail time has become the highlight of my day.  If you haven't heard back from me yet, you will.


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Old Postcards

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across these old postcards.  I've sent them unrendered to friends, because my messing with them would probably only screw them up.  I'm not sure it's mail art to send an unrendered postcard to someone, even within the broad definition of mail art, but what the hell.

This one might be a man with his outhouse.  Or maybe it's a fish…


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My first week with IUOMA

This has been my first week (give or take a week or so). During this week, I have come to appreciate what a kind and welcoming group I've fallen into. Thank you so much for the many words of welcome. And, this week I found in my mailbox no fewer than THREE pieces of mail art. I haven't posted the pieces, but those who sent them should be receiving something back from me soon.

I make lists. They make me feel like I'm getting something done. So here's my list about this… Continue

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