Devin S. Turk

Towson, MD

United States

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I love creating and enjoying small works of art, and getting Fun Mail is the best!

In addition to making mail, I like cats, the color blue, writing poetry, and (mildly) bizarre artwork.

I tend to gravitate towards making colorful, abstract Artist Trading Cards and postcards with acrylic paint, but I also occasionally dabble in magazine collage. If you mail me some of your art, I'll for sure send you some of mine!


My Mail-Adress (snail and/or E-mail)

**Please send me a message requesting my temporary summer address if you would like to send me mail art before August 15! I will be returning to the below address after that :)

Devin S. Turk
707 York Rd
APT 5126
Towson, MD 21204

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  • awyn

    An envelope I mailed to you was just returned to me as being a wrong address "unable to be forwarded".  Is the address listed here your current address?

  • Maxima Strange

    Hi Devin, yes, please let us know where to send your mail. Thank you. 

  • Mark Johnson

    Thanks for the friend request, Devin. I can send you my one page zine, but I noted Maxima pointed out there are some difficulties with your mailing address?