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How else would I get to meet so many fascinating people? I enjoy getting postcards, envelopes, projects, objects, etc. through the letter flap. I have met some very nice people over the years through the mail including my dear wife.
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  • Mel Anie

    Hi Michael, I contacted the Special Collections department about it recently - but they are not open so I haven't 'seen' any of it yet. Another online avenue of exploration for me to follow up at the moment - I am stumbling along. I am very intrigued by the history and development of mail art. I didn't really know anything about it until I stumbled into it as a result of these lockdowns. It's one of those, 'curious things'. 

  • Richard Canard

    07.01.21 Dare Mister Michael Leigh, ..."How do you highlight someone's name in red with a link?"----You must be one of those from  the olden times--- the snail mail people---whatta you call  em ---"Mail Artists" from the twentieth century. Hang in there & Good Luck, SinCelery, Richard Canard

  • P. M. Wilson

    Hi Michael,  I'd like to send you some mail (whether it is mail ART or not is up to you! ... ha!)  Don't see your mailing address on your profile.  Have sent you a request to be a friend also.  Thanks!